The first week of the Summer holidays...

and I somehow survived. Week one done & dusted, well almost. Today is Friday It's not over yet.
Tomorrow though the Mr. & I are going away together without the littles. Yay. This mainly occurred because the Mr is going on a boys holidays to Barcelona. Time without back up.... Time without me being able to threaten them with the words.... "You wait till Daddy comes home." Oh sigh.
This past week however has been lovely.
I somehow had forgotten just how 'full on' my children can be? Especially when they're together.
The arguments & the fighting. The house I'm trying to keep on top of the mess just because I know If I don't I'll cry.
I find it's easier to be out the house with them, they behave better & we're happier so we've had a busy week.
Monday - Saw our friends Cavapoo puppy just 8 weeks old, then went for a walk on the downs link with another friend & her children. Went for lunch at the local cafe.
Tuesday - We did have a day at home I needed to clear the hedges (The fun) for our house to be re-painted on Wednesday. We watched a film had sofa cuddles & ate popcorn.
Wednesday - We met up with a friend at Buchan Country Park the lake was beautiful, both dogs played & we had a great day.
Thursday - We went to Fishers Farm park & it wasn't crazy busy even though the car park was packed! Yay.
Today Friday - We're off to FSW teddies bears picnic with my mums work.
I'm not sure when I'll manage the time to be back on the blog. I have a few reviews to post too. I'll get there & you must understand my smalls come first. I'm really enjoying having them both home.

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