The Summer Holidays

I'm going to be quiet on here. I'm so sorry! Life is crazy, my two need and want so much of my attention it just wouldn't be fair for me to spend my time on the laptop whilst they're all still awake.
We've also been out a lot as staying in just seems to make them both argue like cat and dog. We're not even a full week into the summer holidays yet... the weather has of course been interesting too.
We've had two days out resulting in very wet children with heavy down pours throughout the day.
We visited Fishers Farm on Friday & met up with some good friends. Yesterday (Sunday) we went to Hobbledown In epsom even in the rain we enjoyed a fab day with a mum & her family who I've known since before E was born & her son was born a few days before E.
Coco has been spoilt with her lovely Pawsome Box full of goodies.

I am enjoying having them both home with me, routine is all a bit out of sorts but thats pretty normal. Mr. H goes away next week on holiday so I might have some bored evenings that I can get some blogging done. Unless the children exhaust me & bed is more appetising of course.

Today we're off for a dog walk & lunch with some friends.

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