Paper Mache Pumpkin Crafty fun

It's almost HALLOWEEN!! 

After visiting Hobby Craft at the weekend I saw this fabulous paper mache pumpkin 
stocked up on glue & orange tissue paper & some black glitter then set the children free to decorate their over sized orange head. 
They had a blast. 
What child doesn't love glue? 

For just £5 it's perfect to keep the children amused....

Covering the pumpkin in glue.

Covering the pumpkin in orange tissue paper.

Keeping them busy....

Pumpkin is covered. 


Decorating the skulls

Then they covered the skulls in glue & black glitter. 

Pumpkin at night time (using battery powered candles)




Hope you have a lovely Halloween & enjoy your pumpkins too. 

Bump Monday | 16 weeks Pregnant |

Sorry for the delay - We've been away in Spain for the past week. (Blog to follow)
16 weeks today!
Sorry again I missed || Week 15 ||

Week 16

How am I feeling?
I'm feeling ok. What a bit of sunshine can do to brighten up how you're feeling, It's amazing. A subtle  tan & a bit of Autumnal sun. We went back to Marbella (I lived there when I was younger so we went round all my old haunts) It's just like returning home. 
My morning sickness is still around mostly get it out of my system early morning as soon as I wake up. Then I seem to be ok. Eating little & often helps a lot. 
My glands have been up meaning awful sore throats for the past two weeks... No fun & my nose is constantly blocked. Midwife next week so will see if she can help with any of it.
I have my Consultants appointment next week to discuss my birthing options I'm feeling quite anxious about it. Will be relieved once its over with. 

SPD has started this week!
I can't believe it. It hasn't helped with the amount of walking we've been doing I've got to admit. SPD is awful. 

Heartburn has calmed down though. Bonus! 

It's half term this week & I feel inundated with blogging work to do.... 
However tomorrow night we are out for dinner (child free) for my friends Birthday. 

Baby is the size of an AVOCADO.
Enjoying being back home walking Coco with all the leaves dropping. 

Sandwiches & toast. 
More Carbs. Brilliant.
Cake. My sweet tooth is slowly creeping back in. 

On a positive :
Baby started Kicking this week! Lots & lots. I had forgotten just how amazing it is. 
It's getting to be such a fidget. 

The MiPeach adds a touch of luxury to playtime iCandy plan to launch their first toy pushchair this Christmas

The MiPeach adds a touch of luxury to playtime

iCandy plan to launch their first toy pushchair this Christmas

(Biggleswade, UK) – 27th October 2015
Crafted by the pioneering British iCandy designers, the new MiPeach is perfect for your little one and their toys. Made with the finest materials and exacting quality of the full sized Peach pushchair, the MiPeach is available in two colours: a sleek Royal (blue) featuring white detailed piping and scrumptious Bubblegum (pink) featuring blue detailed piping. Certainly the Christmas seasons must have gifts, the MiPeach adds a touch of luxury to playtime providing your little one with their very own iCandy pushchair.
Furthermore, similar to the iconic Peach pushchair, the carrycot can be changed for a reclinable seat which can be positioned in world or child facing mode. The unique seat frame allows a parent or child to convert the carrycot into a seat unit by simply popping the poppers into the required shape. It also features a smooth frame which bears the iconic iCandy branding on either side.
There's a large shopping basket underneath for toys and accessories, while the fully adjustable handle has two heights, so it grows as your little one does.
The MiPeach boasts durable EVA tyres with front swivel wheels, making it easy to manoeuvre and suitable for the park and playground. Furthermore, the pushchair has a fixed bumper bar and foam handlebar for child safety.
When your child is finished playing the iCandy folds for easy and convenient storage. To collapse the pushchair iCandy have created a unique key which unlocks elements of the MiPeach as a safety precaution to ensure the pushchair does not fold without a parent present. No minor attention to detail has been neglected in creating this beautiful miniature version of the iconic Peach pushchair, designed to make playtime as special as it can be.

  • Available in 2 colours – Royal (blue) and Bubblegum (pink)
  • Made with the same finest materials and exacting quality of the full sized Peach pushchair, crafted with beautiful piping detail on the seat and hood to create a harmonious design.
  • Replicates the new Peach colourways
  • Reclining world and child facing seat unit
  • Retractable seat canopy
  • Seat fabrics that ‘un-pop’ to convert into a Carrycot
  • Adjustable dolly harness
  • 2 position adjustable handle with comfort foam grip
  • Large basket for storing toys
  • Durable EVA tyres making it suitable for park and playground
  • Front swivel wheels
  • Metal tubing
  • Fixed bumper bar to help prevent children from climbing into it
  • Fast, minimal assembly and disassembly for transportation/ storage (using special iCandy key)
  • Age range 3yrs +
  • Colour me in packaging

RRP from £180.00 available from Christmas 2015
Please click on the following link for more images of the iCandy MiPeach:

Preview of the latest Bugaboo Cameleon3 Blend‏

This November Bugaboo introduces the latest special edition: the Bugaboo Cameleon3 Blend.  The Bugaboo Cameleon3 is the original all-in-one that parents love. From newborn to toddler, this fully-loaded pushchair adapts to every journey making it easy to stay on the move.  It breathes the legacy of 15 years of Bugaboo design and continues to be a modern-day icon of creativity and innovation. Continuing in that inventive spirit, we are always looking out for new materials.

Designed for parents who enjoy city life as well as trips to the woods, sand and snow , the special-edition Bugaboo Cameleon3 Blend is naturally stylish, combining a refined, soft, brushed polyester tweed outer fabric, and blue TENCEL®* lining. The pushchair breathes a sense of softness, offering maximum comfort for parents and their child.

The Bugaboo Cameleon3 Blend will be available worldwide from November 2015 and will have an RRP of £999. 

Autumnal mood board

Autumnal mood board
With Halloween coming up & the leaves falling from the trees, we are in full Autumnal mode & I love it. 
Candles & the log burner roaring away, though I love the summer theres something so cosy & snug about the early winter months. 
The fresh mornings & crisp air where you need to wear gloves & scarfs to keep warm. 
I love the Autumn Lounge I created with my mood board. I think it's created a loving, cosy yet family feel that everyone can snuggle up in & drink hot cocoa. 
With the leaves dropping from the trees and your pumpkins glowing through the darkness on your door step. Whats there not to love about Autumn? 

Biotrue rewetting eye drops | Review |


What's in your handbag? Keys, purse, phone, tissues, lipgloss, travel pass, chewing gum... Life in the 21st century is hectic to say the least - we rush from home to work, to appointments and meetings, to the gym and back home again and it's exhausting. 
No wonder our eyes can feel tired too.

Do your eyes feel dry and do you ever get a burning sensation in them? Over half (50.6%) of those questioned in a recent survey said they suffer from dry eyes, at least on one occasion due to computer work and modern day living. It can be even worse if you wear contact lenses as often or for as long as they would like due to their eyes feeling dry.

My opinion 

I for one am one of those people who really struggle with my eyes burning & then feeling itchy and stinging due to probably over working & using a laptop. 
After using BioTrue rewetting drops my eyes stop that burning sensation. They feel refreshed & more awake. 

When should you use eye drops?

Today's offices are normally cool and dry, which feels nice and comfortable but is not ideal for the eyes. Francesca Marchetti at WINK suggests "using an eye drop just before you begin work can help to slow the drying of the eye that takes place, however it is good to use them periodically throughout the day."

What makes Biotrue rewetting drops special?

With over 160 years in eye care research and innovation, well-respected and company Bausch + Lomb is one of the world's leading contact lenses, lens care products, medicines and implants for eye conditions. These eye care experts especially developed Biotrue rewetting drops for users occasionally experiencing dry eye symptoms caused by environmental factors or using contact lenses.

Biotrue rewetting drops help relieve tired or dry eyes caused by all the following and more :
  • Long periods at the computer
  • Windy outdoor conditions 
  • Contact lens wear
  • Air Conditioning 
  • Air travel 
  • Sports activities
Product information :

Biotrue rewetting drops dispenser : 10ml's innovative control grip system simplifies handling and gives you peace of mind during use. It is preservative free and can be used for six months once opened. 
RRP : £9.85

Single dose : Easy to administer this handy single dose unit is particularly convenient for travel and the ideal companion, whether in the office, during leisure time or while traveling. It is preservative free.
RRP : £11.99

Disclaimer - I was sent this product for the review. However all thought & opinions are my own.

Brand New Bugaboo by Diesel Denim Collection‏

Bugaboo by Diesel Denim collection
We’re thrilled to announce the reveal of the second Bugaboo by Diesel collection. Bugaboo and Diesel have bundled their creative and rebellious spirit to design a collection that takes the iconic lifestyle brand’s DNA as a starting point: Denim. Two new pushchairs are taking centre stage this time round with a complete makeover for the all-terrain pushchair, the Bugaboo Buffalo, and a Tailored Fabric Set for the convertible pushchair, the Bugaboo Donkey.

We know that accessories make the difference, so we have added a matching denim bag with leather details to the collection, featuring functional inside pockets for parents on the go. To complete your pushchair wardrobe there is even a special-edition Bugaboo by Diesel Seat Liner and Footmuff.
Bugaboo by Diesel Denim collection  
This time the focus lies on Diesel’s denim heritage; the Bugaboo by Diesel Denim collection features a washed and specially-treated denim that is effortlessly stylish. The denim is handripped, distressed, and features paint splatters in various denim hues. Over time, the denim will naturally fade, just like your favourite pair of jeans would. Thanks to the Bugaboo by Diesel Denim collection, denim lovers will be sure to stand out in a crowd! 
The Bugaboo Buffalo by Diesel comes in a blue anodised chassis, washed denim sun canopy, carrycot and seat, and many new and interesting details. The central joint, for instance, is based on a rivet you will find on your Diesel jeans, the wheel rims have been coloured blue to complement the denim fabric, and the hand-treated fabric itself has been given a unique finish with paint splatters. Black, leather-look details on the handlebar and seat give the pushchair a rebellious touch. There is also a matching bag in denim and leather which can be hung on the handlebar of the Bugaboo Buffalo. 
The Bugaboo by Diesel Denim collection also comes as a Tailored Fabric Set for the Bugaboo Donkey, featuring an extendable sun canopy in washed denim and carrycot apron. 
Bugaboo Diesel
Fashionable Parenting  
Once again we step into the world of fashionable parenting exploring those almost unbearable moments that parents face, and telling those small ironic stories with a smile.   
To illustrate the funny and sometimes messy side of fashionable parenting, children were invited to the set of our latest campaign, where they ran riot with squirt bottles and released their creativity while creating the original background for the photo shoot, wearing Diesel Kid jeans. To accompany the iconic campaign image, a making-of video showing these great moments will be released. 
RRPs as follows: 
  • Bugaboo Buffalo by Diesel Denim is £1089 / 1299 euros  
  • Tailored Fabric Set for the Bugaboo Donkey is £139,95 / 69,95 euros  
  • Sun Canopy for the Bugaboo Donkey is £89,95 / 109,95 euros  
  • Bugaboo by Diesel changing bag is £134,95 / 109,95 euros  

Bump Monday | 14 weeks Pregnant |

Hello Second Trimester! Wow that's gone fast. 
14 weeks today!

How am I feeling?

This past week I've had an awful sick bug & couldn't even keep water down for more than a few minutes - always fun to add to my morning sickness... luckily the sickness only (I say *only* like it's nothing)... but only lasted about 12 hours I'm so used to being sick now it doesn't bother me too much, I was just starving! Baby must of been wondering why I wasn't stuffing my face every hour or so... then I know I said last week I hadn't experienced one of my horrendous migraines yet well guess what hit me like a tonne of bricks? Yep a migraine the damn thing. Completely wiped me out for the week, still struggling today actually luckily my head is just a bit hazed & not a full blown head ache. 

I seem to be one of the unlucky ones to still have my morning sickness apparently by the second trimester it *should of* subsided by now.... well it didn't with my previous two pregnancies so I'm not going to hold my breath now am I? I'm getting on with it, you've got to don't you? 

I've got a busy week coming up but due to last weeks illness I'm going to rest when I can & get early nights. 

Heartburn has started this week!

I'm getting my hair done this week, this will make me feel better :) 

Next week we are off on holiday *Can't come soon enough*

Baby is the size of a LEMON.

After my Sick bug calmed down I found myself waking in the middle of the night literally dreaming of roast dinners with all the trimmings & Pizza express Pizza... mouth watering stuff apparently. 
I'm surprised I didn't sneak into the Kitchen & stuff my face. 
Also crisp Sandwiches don't judge a pregnant lady....

On a positive :
My hair is getting stronger & thicker. I love it. 

Sibling's joy and excitement over new Baby

Since announcing our 'happy news' I haven't really told you much more apart from my weekly Bump Monday updates, however I think It's time to say just how excited my two smalls are over bump.
They both wake up talking about how big is baby now? they run & kiss my tummy. They are both at such a wonderful age. When I was expecting H, E was just 18 months old though she understood there was a baby coming she didn't really understand it all. 
E is now 6 & H will be 4 when baby is born. 
They've been desperate to go baby shopping. Of course I am too; though somethings stopping me going too OTT until we've had the 20 week scan to just reassure me that we will in fact be taking this baby home with us. Those of you that have followed me for a long time or know me personally will understand I'm not being overly morbid here after my traumatic experience at H's 20 week scan you'll soon understand why I'm of course feeling on edge. 
This week I've been quite poorly with a bug of some sort & the most horrid migraine so I've been a rubbish Mummy to say the least. 
One morning E didn't want to go to school (happens fairly regularly) she somehow done a deal with me that meant if she went to school she would be able to go shopping after school to buy the baby some clothes because the baby needs clothes.... she said. 
I agreed then after school on the Friday (yesterday) we popped to our local town to see about getting a few bits - so many shops lacking gender neutral baby clothes. Luckily we have a Next. We adore Next so always helps. The baby grows are always such good quality.
E had a ball looking through everything 'aww'ing' at everything as well as "wouldn't the baby look CUTE in this..." she could of made me spend a fortune! Luckily she was very happy with the 3 set of baby grows she picked out. When we got to the sales assistant she was such a sweetie "my mummy has a baby but we don't know what it is yet it might be a girl or it might be a boy, we are so happy and my brother H and I can't wait to meet the baby and give it a name and my Grandads with us today." (We then went out for Ice cream) 
I love how excited they are. 

The real cost of bringing up a child

It’s widely known that raising children is costly, but today figures have been released stating exactly how costly it can be. The Halifax report found that parents spend a staggering £87,000* when raising a child from birth to the age of eleven. Childcare is the most expensive cost, with parents spending £3,840 a year on average for childcare. There are many factors involved in raising children, including food and leisure costs. Nevertheless, childcare is the most substantial cost, this puts into perspective how costly it is for parents.
In addition, childcare costs have risen by 3% since last year, becoming more of a strain for working parents. The research also finds that costs for younger children are considerably more than children aged nine and above. In the first year of raising a child, costs can amount to an excessive £10,000 or £820 a month! These extra costs in the early years add to the already huge pressure on parents who are readjusting back at work. Even though childcare costs decrease as children grow older, parents still spend an average of £520 a month in total for children aged nine to eleven.

Giles Martin, head of Halifax Savings, said: “For many parents, the first 12 months of parenthood can be frantic and as our research shows; often the most expensive. Having children is a huge commitment, both financially and emotionally.” “With unexpected costs along the way for the majority of families, it is important to be realistic about how much things are going to cost and how much can be saved to meet the future needs of a growing family.”
It is not all doom and gloom; the HMRC approved Childcare Voucher schemes can help working parents save money on their childcare costs. Childcare Vouchers are operated through a salary sacrifice scheme, where a portion of the employee’s salary is deducted from the childcare vouchers. The savings are created because the sacrificed amount is non-taxable and exempt from National Insurance contributions.
The scheme can save working parents an astounding £933 per year on childcare! Both parents can join their employer’s Childcare Voucher scheme, increasing savings. In addition, Childcare Vouchers can be used to pay for registered childcare for children up to the age of 16 (the first week of September following the child’s 15th birthday). Childcare Vouchers can be claimed by a working partner as soon as the child is born, even when, for example, the mother is on maternity leave. This gives families the opportunity to save up vouchers to make childcare more affordable when they do need it. The Government are launching their new Tax-free Childcare scheme in 2017; therefore, Childcare Vouchers are the only option for working parents to save on their childcare until 2017.
Busy Bees Benefits deliver a renowned childcare voucher scheme which employers can offer at no cost to the organisation. Parents can also receive an additional discount if they use a Busy Bees Voucher at a Busy Bees Nursery. If you would like further information please call us on 0330 333 9100 or visit

Bump Monday | 13 weeks Pregnant |

13 weeks today, now I've never 'blogged' about my pregnancies before as I didn't start my humble little blog till H was born. So forgive me If I waffle on & on every now and then. 
I'm edging out of the first trimester this week. Where has that time gone? 

How am I feeling?

Sick, tired, sick, tired & sick... ha when will the 'I'm blossoming stage' happen? 
Vomiting with my head in the toilet most mornings.
Also running a house, looking after two smalls a husband & a young dog. Wow. Just Wow. 
I thought I was tired before I was pregnant but this is almost non describable tiredness. 
To be fair this pregnancy is all so very similar to E & H's pregnancies - though I'm not suffering with head aches this time around or SPD yet.. *Touches wood on my bedside table very quickly*

We had our first scan a couple of weeks ago It was so magical to see baby on the screen, so glad I wasn't imagining being pregnant. I had been having horrific dreams about the baby not being there. 
She checked out babies feet too but of course things can change by the 20 week scan (We've got the date through) 
I've also been having more horrific dreams about baby. I think I'm on panic to 20 week scan after the difficult time we had with H we found out he had Bilateral Talipes & cysts on his brain at our 20 week scan... of course my dreams have gone into over drive & the dreams have left me wake up in tears. My subconscious is totally over thinking it more than I realised I think. 
Dreaming that at the 20 week scan the baby isn't viable is just devastating. 
I've got my head around the fact that baby might very well be born with talipes & I've accepted that. 

Baby is the size of a PEACH.

Food. Food all the time. Bacon lettuce & tomato sandwiches, Crisps, Meat any kind of meat. 
Just finding eating little & often helps hugely. 

One huge positive :
My nails are stronger & longer than ever.... absolutely love them.

I will try my hardest to keep up to date with weekly posts. You know what I'm like though.... 

Blossoming Gifts Bouquet | Review | Plus Discount |

I was recently sent this beautiful bouquet of flowers from Blossoming Gifts.
They are a new and exciting flower delivery company based in the UK. They specialise in gorgeous florist designs at a low cost.

I was sent a bouquet from the Grandparents Day flower range. 

My thoughts :
Easy to order, the website is set out well & the delivery was super quick. 
(Ordered the Friday delivered the Monday) 
I gave the flowers to my Parents (my children's grandparents) 
They adored them. 
The flowers arrived in a beautiful box.
Well packaged with a pretty box too. 
As I opened the box the flowers looked fabulous. Colours bright. Nice and alive looking. 

I also as mentioned above have a discount code for you guys to use. 
This entitles you all to a whopping 33% off a bouquet just use the code : BGIFTS33
The only bouquets exempt from the discount would be the 'Flowers By Post' range. However, this is a very small range.

We all love a Surprise Flower Delivery, Flower bouquets can be such a wonderful gift & make any room brighter, happier & a more relaxing space. 
I adore flowers, I am so happy with this bouquet we've had the flowers over a week now & they're still looking radiant.
Nothing is simpler than ordering Flowers By Post for friends, family or loved ones.

They also have very reasonably priced flowers too, we all love to save money & buy Cheap flowers that actually look nice!...
The bouquets start from just £11.99

Also a lot of bouquets have 'free chocolates' as well.
They taste amazing. 

The quality was fantastic... I mean free chocolate we all love chocolate don't we? 

Disclaimer - I was sent this product for the review. However all thought & opinions are my own.


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