Blackfox Waterproof Cheyenne Boot

Blackfox Waterproof Cheyenne Boots
Children £24.95; Adults £34.95, 01305 231231
“Splash around and stay sn-ugg!”

Sheepskin boots are a winter must-have for millions: 
They’re stylish, warm and comfortable, but typical British wet weather means they often end up feeling more ugg-ly than sn-ugg-ly. 
This is where Cuckooland’s new Blackfox Cheyenne Welly Boots ‘step’ in. These revolutionary boots are new to the UK this winter, and feature a cosy faux fur/fleece lining inside a FULLY WATERPROOF brushed PVC outer – giving the appearance of sheepskin, but with all the rain-proof quality of wellies.

Sn-ugg wellington boots for the whole family!
Ugg boots are an ideal choice for children: warm, cosy, easy to get on and off – not to mention adorable! 
But children love to splash through mud and puddles, and sheepskin often isn’t the most practical choice. 
Blackfox’s Waterproof Cheyenne Boots will keep up with even the most adventurous toddler
(and are easy for mum to wipe clean afterwards!)
Cheyenne Boots are also perfect for adults - whether out for a Sunday stroll, on the way to work, 
at a festival or in the garden, these boots will keep their wearer warm, dry and looking good in all 
weather conditions. After all, why should little ones have all the fun?

The not-so-ugg-ly truths:

- Stylish, sheepskin boot appearance
- Fully waterproof, brushed PVC plastic outer
- Warm and cosy faux fur/fleece lining
- Made in Europe
- Available in 3 colours (Tan, Brown and Grey)
- RRP: Children’s £24.95; Adult’s £34.95
- Children’s sizes: UK 7-7.5, 8-9, 10-10.5, 11.5-12, 13-13.5, 1.5-2
-Adult sizes: UK 3-4, 5-6, 6.5-7, 8-9
- Available from 1st October
- Stockist:

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