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13 weeks today, now I've never 'blogged' about my pregnancies before as I didn't start my humble little blog till H was born. So forgive me If I waffle on & on every now and then. 
I'm edging out of the first trimester this week. Where has that time gone? 

How am I feeling?

Sick, tired, sick, tired & sick... ha when will the 'I'm blossoming stage' happen? 
Vomiting with my head in the toilet most mornings.
Also running a house, looking after two smalls a husband & a young dog. Wow. Just Wow. 
I thought I was tired before I was pregnant but this is almost non describable tiredness. 
To be fair this pregnancy is all so very similar to E & H's pregnancies - though I'm not suffering with head aches this time around or SPD yet.. *Touches wood on my bedside table very quickly*

We had our first scan a couple of weeks ago It was so magical to see baby on the screen, so glad I wasn't imagining being pregnant. I had been having horrific dreams about the baby not being there. 
She checked out babies feet too but of course things can change by the 20 week scan (We've got the date through) 
I've also been having more horrific dreams about baby. I think I'm on panic to 20 week scan after the difficult time we had with H we found out he had Bilateral Talipes & cysts on his brain at our 20 week scan... of course my dreams have gone into over drive & the dreams have left me wake up in tears. My subconscious is totally over thinking it more than I realised I think. 
Dreaming that at the 20 week scan the baby isn't viable is just devastating. 
I've got my head around the fact that baby might very well be born with talipes & I've accepted that. 

Baby is the size of a PEACH.

Food. Food all the time. Bacon lettuce & tomato sandwiches, Crisps, Meat any kind of meat. 
Just finding eating little & often helps hugely. 

One huge positive :
My nails are stronger & longer than ever.... absolutely love them.

I will try my hardest to keep up to date with weekly posts. You know what I'm like though.... 

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