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Hello Second Trimester! Wow that's gone fast. 
14 weeks today!

How am I feeling?

This past week I've had an awful sick bug & couldn't even keep water down for more than a few minutes - always fun to add to my morning sickness... luckily the sickness only (I say *only* like it's nothing)... but only lasted about 12 hours I'm so used to being sick now it doesn't bother me too much, I was just starving! Baby must of been wondering why I wasn't stuffing my face every hour or so... then I know I said last week I hadn't experienced one of my horrendous migraines yet well guess what hit me like a tonne of bricks? Yep a migraine the damn thing. Completely wiped me out for the week, still struggling today actually luckily my head is just a bit hazed & not a full blown head ache. 

I seem to be one of the unlucky ones to still have my morning sickness apparently by the second trimester it *should of* subsided by now.... well it didn't with my previous two pregnancies so I'm not going to hold my breath now am I? I'm getting on with it, you've got to don't you? 

I've got a busy week coming up but due to last weeks illness I'm going to rest when I can & get early nights. 

Heartburn has started this week!

I'm getting my hair done this week, this will make me feel better :) 

Next week we are off on holiday *Can't come soon enough*

Baby is the size of a LEMON.

After my Sick bug calmed down I found myself waking in the middle of the night literally dreaming of roast dinners with all the trimmings & Pizza express Pizza... mouth watering stuff apparently. 
I'm surprised I didn't sneak into the Kitchen & stuff my face. 
Also crisp Sandwiches don't judge a pregnant lady....

On a positive :
My hair is getting stronger & thicker. I love it. 

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