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Sorry for the delay - We've been away in Spain for the past week. (Blog to follow)
16 weeks today!
Sorry again I missed || Week 15 ||

Week 16

How am I feeling?
I'm feeling ok. What a bit of sunshine can do to brighten up how you're feeling, It's amazing. A subtle  tan & a bit of Autumnal sun. We went back to Marbella (I lived there when I was younger so we went round all my old haunts) It's just like returning home. 
My morning sickness is still around mostly get it out of my system early morning as soon as I wake up. Then I seem to be ok. Eating little & often helps a lot. 
My glands have been up meaning awful sore throats for the past two weeks... No fun & my nose is constantly blocked. Midwife next week so will see if she can help with any of it.
I have my Consultants appointment next week to discuss my birthing options I'm feeling quite anxious about it. Will be relieved once its over with. 

SPD has started this week!
I can't believe it. It hasn't helped with the amount of walking we've been doing I've got to admit. SPD is awful. 

Heartburn has calmed down though. Bonus! 

It's half term this week & I feel inundated with blogging work to do.... 
However tomorrow night we are out for dinner (child free) for my friends Birthday. 

Baby is the size of an AVOCADO.
Enjoying being back home walking Coco with all the leaves dropping. 

Sandwiches & toast. 
More Carbs. Brilliant.
Cake. My sweet tooth is slowly creeping back in. 

On a positive :
Baby started Kicking this week! Lots & lots. I had forgotten just how amazing it is. 
It's getting to be such a fidget. 

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