Sibling's joy and excitement over new Baby

Since announcing our 'happy news' I haven't really told you much more apart from my weekly Bump Monday updates, however I think It's time to say just how excited my two smalls are over bump.
They both wake up talking about how big is baby now? they run & kiss my tummy. They are both at such a wonderful age. When I was expecting H, E was just 18 months old though she understood there was a baby coming she didn't really understand it all. 
E is now 6 & H will be 4 when baby is born. 
They've been desperate to go baby shopping. Of course I am too; though somethings stopping me going too OTT until we've had the 20 week scan to just reassure me that we will in fact be taking this baby home with us. Those of you that have followed me for a long time or know me personally will understand I'm not being overly morbid here after my traumatic experience at H's 20 week scan you'll soon understand why I'm of course feeling on edge. 
This week I've been quite poorly with a bug of some sort & the most horrid migraine so I've been a rubbish Mummy to say the least. 
One morning E didn't want to go to school (happens fairly regularly) she somehow done a deal with me that meant if she went to school she would be able to go shopping after school to buy the baby some clothes because the baby needs clothes.... she said. 
I agreed then after school on the Friday (yesterday) we popped to our local town to see about getting a few bits - so many shops lacking gender neutral baby clothes. Luckily we have a Next. We adore Next so always helps. The baby grows are always such good quality.
E had a ball looking through everything 'aww'ing' at everything as well as "wouldn't the baby look CUTE in this..." she could of made me spend a fortune! Luckily she was very happy with the 3 set of baby grows she picked out. When we got to the sales assistant she was such a sweetie "my mummy has a baby but we don't know what it is yet it might be a girl or it might be a boy, we are so happy and my brother H and I can't wait to meet the baby and give it a name and my Grandads with us today." (We then went out for Ice cream) 
I love how excited they are. 

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