Bump Monday | 17 weeks Pregnant |

|| 17 weeks today! ||

How am I feeling?

Good!... I'm not one to 'bloom' during pregnancy but (I'm going to whisper this) - I haven't been sick for 6 days!... I'm feeling pretty well. I've been tackling the children's sleeping this week. We had got ourselves back into the rut of them both sleeping in our room & even both of them in our bed I was exhausting myself. So I knew something had to change sooner rather than later, they've been sleeping in their own beds for the last few days & now E is sleeping through the night, I think H will get there in the next few days too. As I'm now getting more sleep without smalls in my bed.. I think thats really helping.     

SPD is now here (started last week) I have Midwife on Thursday so will see if I can get to the Physio. Fingers crossed.

Heartburn has been horrid! 
Thank goodness for Gaviscon! 

Baby is the size of a Turnip.

Crisps. Beige food.... still. 
Branston pickles. YUM! 
Boiled eggs on toast. 

On a positive :
I started to feel baby kick & move last week properly... this week on day 16+5 Mr.H felt baby kick too! Amazing. 

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