Bump Monday | 19 weeks Pregnant |

|| 19 weeks today! ||

How am I almost half way? 

How am I feeling?

Today I'm feeling good, I had a wonderful but busy weekend (Blog to follow about the Country Living Christmas fair)
We done a lot of walking around yesterday but thankfully my SPD isn't in too much pain. 
Although no body offered me a seat on the train *& people wonder why I dislike public transport?! 
I was OK standing up for the first 40 minutes however then I got what felt like a stitch in my bump thankfully then I guy offered me his seat & apologised he hadn't even looked up from his phone (great world we live in) ... by this point I was almost in tears in pain but it did calm down. I think I perhaps pulled a muscle. 

This week isn't too busy I have lots of blogging work to catch up on but thats it really. 
Trying to keep relatively busy to keep my mind off our Scan next week.

Heartburn is AWFUL this week 
Gaviscon is making me gag.

Baby is the size of a Mango

Skittles. Yum
Still wanted Bacon & BLT Sandwiches.  
Crisps *help me stop feeling sick....

On a positive :
I can now see baby small kicking through my bump. Amazing. I love it.

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