It's now Welly Weather.... || Shoe Zone Review ||

Shoe zone welly review
Hello Autumn. Hello rainy days, mud & leaves. lots & lots of leaves! 
Whats better than wellies in weather like this? 
Wellies for the whole family is most definitely needed. 

Shoezone gifted us all with new fabulous wellies. 
They arrived in this beautiful box.... the children thought Christmas had come early!

We live in the Sussex countryside surrounded by woods & fields. If my shoes aren't covered in mud I'm in shock. 
We all wear wellies most of the time.... Also with a bouncy energetic puppy who we walk twice or three times a day the wellies are really being put through the test of time. 

Do you think new wellies *cry with fear or rejoice with pride* when they get covered in muddy mud mud for the first time? 
I know I know wellies don't have a brain.... It's a food for thought though??

Do you match your clothes to your shoes? I seem to of got the stripes & spots covered well here!

H in his matching wellies to top & bike looking smart!

H got a little bit carried away with the 'puddle jumping' ....

I got my two smalls to pick the wellies they wanted.
Frozen for E & Avengers for H...
There was no point me picking wellies out for them, they would of probably put their nose up at them. My children know what they like when it comes to clothes. They're so picky! 

We've been trying to get a day when its dry to get some pictures of us all.... however have you been outside recently? 
Rain, rain, rain & more rain. 
The perfect weather I suppose to test the wellies out. 
Nice dry feet with fluffy socks on. 
Huge thumbs up from us all.

I am so superbly impressed with them. 
As you can see from the pictures; we've been enjoying our new wellies.

The tree in our woods fell down in the storms a couple of years ago, this is the smalls favourite tree to play on.

H running away.... what do they say? "never work with children or animals?" 
We left Coco our puppy at home I couldn't bare working with them both!!

I love having shorter more practical wellies. They're perfect to drive in & slip on.
I ordered a size 6 even though I'm a size 5 usually reason being; I love thick socks in the winter & nothing worse than having tight wellies you fight to get on or off. 
These fit me great & are so comfy. 
My feet are definitely still dry & they seem really well made.

Rain, rain, rain....

Mr.H has absolutely no complaints either... the wellies are great & do the job they're meant to do. 
Easy to get on & off... he's had wellies in the past that he's literally had to fight to get off- Not handy when they're covered in mud. 

Again all the wellies seem to be well made, they all kept our feet dry & all of them fitted us really well. 

Prices from £4.99 - £16.99
Mega amazing prices.

Walking through the woods

Autumnal walks in the woods

On the dog walk

H trying to get over the Stye

Daddy had to help

Puddle jumping.

They're not little forever .... whats a bit of water?

H looking a bit wet...

Puddle jumping!! 

Overall thoughts :

I would 100% recommend Shoe zone wellies to friends, family & readers. 
For children & adults. 
Value for money is fabulous & the products are so well made. 
I've been through a lot of wellies & so have my children... Why pay a fortune for wellies when you can literally get a pair of wellies for under £10? 
Pop into your closest Shoezone to find your perfect winter wellies or pop over to the website & order yourself a pair. 
Free standard delivery*

I was very kindly sent these to review and display from the marketing team at shoezone, but all opinions are personally my own.

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