Bump Monday | 23 weeks Pregnant |

|| 23 weeks today! ||

How am I feeling?
This week my Monday has really felt like a Monday...I'm exhausted. Sickness still hasn't returned *YAY* 
Just feel like I have 1001 things to do everyday....
I suppose life might calm down a bit once Christmas is over with, not that I'm wishing time away. 
Got midwife appointment this week so will hear babies heart beat again, She is such a fidget so I have no worries but it is lovely to hear baby heartbeat. 
She also has hiccups a lot at the moment. CUTE.

SPD is hit & miss some days better than others. Still no where as bad as it was when I was Pregnant with H.... 

Baby is as heavy as a large mango. 


On a positive :
I've been shopping & buying baby bits! - Finally. 
Car seat, Bedside crib, changing bag.... I'm getting there.

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