Bump Monday | 24 weeks Pregnant |

                                                                 || 24 weeks today! ||

Today is V day ! Significant day to celebrate as from today the doctors class your pregnancy as a real baby so if I was to go into labour anytime from now (obviously hoping I don't) but the doctors have to try everything to save baby! 
So happy V day to baby & I. 

How am I feeling?
It's the week of CHRISTMAS! I'm feeling good. Though the bigger smalls have been poorly & so sleep has been severely deprived this week... I've also been struggling with lower back pain almost period type pain but a hot water bottle & resting seems to help it. 
I'm looking forwards to some family time over Christmas, Mr.H has 10 days off. YAY. 

SPD is hit & miss some days better than others. 
Still no where as bad as it was when I was Pregnant with H.... 
Christmas Jumper is out !!

Baby is as heavy as a long as a corn on the cob. 


On a positive :
I had my hair done this morning & now feeling so much better about myself. 

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