Extend your savings at the Boxing Day sales

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house… Who are we kidding? Most of us are still at work, waiting for the clock to strike midday on Christmas Eve. You may find the fact that it’s not time for your turkey dinner yet depressing, but fear not as Staffordshire employee benefits firm, Busy Bees Benefits has just the solution for your Christmas anticipation.
Forget counting down the time until you can leave the office, the fact that you’re still at work means you may have the opportunity to extend your savings at the Boxing Day sales.
Here’s how – through your employer you can access something called a Retail Discounts scheme. It’s extremely straight-forward, the scheme gives you a license for a year and you log in to an online portal either on your desktop computer or via an app on your smartphone.
The portal is full of deals, discounts and cashback offers for a wide range of high street stores and online vendors to use in conjunction with the Boxing Day sale.
This means your savings could be doubled or in some cases, tripled!
There’s absolutely no catch – all you need to do is, save this image and email it to your manager or HR department with a link to this article.

Through the scheme, you can purchase gift cards at up to 10% cheaper, access discount codes to top up your savings and receive cashback on your purchases, leaving you fully prepared for the upcoming sales! 
We knew there was a good reason why the Christmas break hadn’t started yet!
For more information on the scheme, visit – www.busybeesbenefits.com/retaildiscounts  

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