Happy 12th day of Advent Christmas : Decorations for kids

The holiday season is approaching fast  it’s December now, time for Christmas markets to start popping up all over the country. If you’re thinking that it’s time to bring some Christmas spirit into your own home, then you will appreciate these simple but fun ideas for decorating your home with your kids. These ideas are also perfect to keep kids busy who love messy play ideas and miss going on outdoors adventures during the cold season  who says that indoors fun can’t get messy too? 
Make space  In order to let the Christmas spirit into your home, you have to make space for it first. This is a great opportunity to declutter, clean, and just give your home a general overhaul ahead of the holiday season. You don’t want your decorating efforts to get lost in the chaos! The prospect of a day of decorating will motivate your kids to tidy their room, too.  
Simple ideas for kids decorating doesn’t have to be a lot of work  if you and your kids don’t have much time to spare, opt for some easy decorating ideas. Fill bowls with Christmas garlands, pinecones, or Christmas bulbs, and place them on desks and surfaces for some instant Christmas feeling. Head outside with your kids to collect pine branches, or get into the car and drive to a market that sells them and bring some nature into your home – stick them to doors and drawers for some natural Christmas feeling and a great smell. Christmas lighting doesn’t have to be outside only, so light up up your home with fairly lights draped around the rooms. Decide on a festive colour scheme, and purchase matching tablecloths and napkins for festive meals.  
Get messy with Christmas crafts If your child loves arts and crafts, why not make some Christmas arts and crafts to decorate the house with and send to friends and family? Homemade Christmas cards are always a lovely opportunity to get creative, and will make your holiday greetings more personal. Get some cardboard ready, dig out those water colours or crayons, and purchase some glitter glue, sequins, nice paper, and any other festive crafts decorations you can think of – and let your kids use their imaginations. Even though the cards might end up resembling modern art rather than a realistic winter scene, the efforts will be appreciated. You could also decorate stockings with your kids, make a Santa out of cardboard and cotton wool, create your personal candy cane, and decorate miniature tree cones. There are no limits to what you and your kids can do, as long as you’ve got a free morning or afternoon, and are prepared to clean up the mess after. 

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