Happy 15th day of Advent : Button Heart Decoration #CraftyChristmas

What you need 

2) Buttons
3) String

How to make it

  1. 1) Cut a 1.2m length of wire and fold in half around a pen or pencil. 
  2. Twist the fold 1cm from the end at a right angle to the rest of the wire. This forms the hanging loop.
  3. 2) Thread the buttons one by one onto the double-thickness wire, first up through a single hole,
  4.  sliding the button into position, then feeding the wire down through the second hole to 'set' the button into position.
  5.  Start the first button as close to the twist as you can.
  6. 3) Continue threading the buttons in this manner, leaving a little finger's width between each, 
  7. until the last button is within a centimetre or two of the end, 
  8. then wrap the end as tightly as possible around the first section of angled wire.
  9. 4) Shape the wire into a heart ensuring that the hanging loop falls into place in the centre.
Finished and Hang....

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