Happy 19th day of Advent : Simple how to make Christmas pom poms

1) Ask an adult to help you to cut the wool, Cut 2 lengths of approx.20cm and put aside.
 Then cut the remaining into 2 equal lengths. 
Cut two circles of card & cut a whole in the middle too. Put the 2 card discs together and start to wind a length of yarn around the card, passing it through the centre. Make sure that you cover the card discs evenly, Continue to do this till the card is fully covered. The more wool the bigger your pom pom will be.

2) When you've completed this. Snip the yarn right around between the 2 card discs.

3) Take 1 of the pieces of 20cm yarn that you set aside, tie it securely between the card discs and then carefully remove the card discs.

4) Repeat again to make the second pom pom.

5) Glue the 2 pom pons together to make the head and body shape.

6) A) Cut the brown fuzzy sticks into 2 using scissors, (ask an adult to help) Bend the pipe cleaners to make the antlers or hats. Stick on the fuzzy balls for the noses, stick their eyes on, cut out a scarf for the reindeer & snowman out of felt.
Cut the beard out of fuzzy felt for Santa.

Once you've made your Christmas pom poms you could then make some that you can hang all year round. 

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