Happy 3rd day of Advent - Simple to make your own Christmas Eve Box #CraftyChristmas

We all love a sneaky present the night BEFORE Christmas don't we? 
Well I'm sure your Children would love to open a box with goodies inside:

Inside mine is designed for my two children:
  • Two pairs of matching Christmas Pyjamas 
  • Chocolate coins
  • Christmas book & CD to listen to the book in their bedroom
  • New Christmas decorations each for the tree (Family Tradition to get a new decoration each year)
  • Also still need to a make reindeer food
  • Hot chocolate & marshmallows too

Christmas eve box

Covering your box:

I used Vintage Christmas Wrapping paper I found at the local charity shop, 
I used glue & Sellotape  

Baby smalls first Christmas decoration. AMAZING.

This year we decided to go for a book instead of DVD's as they've got so many Christmas DVD's.
You can of course add whatever you like. 

Stuck for Christmas pyjama ideas? 

I really do LOVE Christmas & I found putting this box together so much fun.
This year we will be with my Mother Inlaw we are so excited the children can't wait to wake up Christmas morning with their Cousins & Aunties all in the same house.

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