Happy 6th day of Advent : Wrapping up Presents - 3 of the simplest yet effective

Wrapping up Presents is one of my favourite things to do.... obviously when the children are in bed that is. Nothing worse than trying to make the presents look pretty & have your 3 year old asking to 'draw the names' & 'help Sellotape mummy'... As for the puppy all she wanted to do was sit on my lap, or since on the wrapping paper...

Here are a few of my favourite types of wrapping paper ideas this year : 
The photo of the recipient, Nice idea for Children as they can't read.
Photo instead of names - great for parents to give their children. 

The pretty understated brown paper with 'Merry Christmas' Sellotape & red & white string around it.

The 'vintage' wrapping paper *Picked it up at my local charity shop.
Cute & Christmassy.

Vintage gift wrapped presents

Vintage gift wrapped presents

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