How safe is your shed? Sponsored Video.

We all want feel safe whilst at home don't we? It's easy to forget about your outside area, your gardens, driveways, shared communal gardens. 
The thing is we actually store expensive things inside our sheds. According to Wickes one of the largest DIY stores, the average garden shed contents is worth a staggering £1000. So why do we not secure them safe enough? 
I don't know about you but I've got bikes, tools, buggies & toys in my shed. As well as a lot of tat after moving house, everything got thrown into our garden shed. I really should have a good clear out. I would probably need to hire a skip. 

If these were to get stolen it's not just the cost of the items that would be upsetting but the feeling that someone has invaded my privacy. 
I would feel sick & disgusted that someone had been through my stuff. 
We have house alarms & cameras as well as flood lighting on our house. On our shed however we just have a pathetic lock. 

We should all have a good think about our garden sheds. Just how safe is your shed? 
Wickes have launched a campaign called ' How safe is your shed?' 
In this video on the Wickes website with Michael Fraser he is an ex burglar, he shows just how easy it is to break into the shed. Shocking really. Especially if you store a lot of expensive tools in your outside sheds. Remember the average shed contents is worth a staggering £1000, even if you disagree.... sit down & calculate everything in there, I bet you'll surprise yourself. Everything adds up. 
The video is well worth watching, I watched it several times. It's fascinating & scary just how quickly Michael gains entry into the shed. So you still think your shed is secure enough just with a padlock? 
Think again, to fully secure your garden shed doesn't need to be complicated or costly. 

You only have to take a few simple steps to secure your shed. 
Good strong locks, external lights/flood lights and a security camera will all help stop intruders coming into your garden. 
You can also get a simple intruder alarm fitted to your garden shed.
Please watch the video and have a good think about just how safe and secure your shed is. 
Remember Wickes is always there to help.

*Disclosure : This post has been sponsored by Wickes, but all thoughts are my own

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