29 week Midwife appointment - Good News!

I went to see my local Midwife today, honestly the support I am receiving from everybody this pregnancy is amazing. All three of my main midwives are really listening to me & are always there when I need them. 
I love that my local midwife is so caring she also remembers me being pregnant with H & remembers doing his horrific heel prick she said to this day she hasn't experienced anything like it... it was horrific as H has talipes he had no blood in his heel & it took over four agonising attempts. 
This week I had my blood results - GOOD news! - My platelets are much higher & my iron levels are great. All my other blood results came back good too! 
This is amazing news as I was super scared my platelets would of gone lower than they had been. 
Also in my past two pregnancies I've been severely anaemic. 
I mean I am eating well. Also I'm taking Pregnacare plus *I've never bothered with pregnancy vitamins before. So they must be helping. 

Bump is measuring 30 weeks so not much over really.... 

I don't need to see my midwife now until 34 weeks & we will then discuss my birthing plan...
I won't see my local midwife until 37 weeks now. Eeeekkk. That's pretty close to my due date. 

H & I then spent the afternoon having sleepy cuddles on the sofa, my SPD is still bad so it's best I try to rest when I can. 

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