Bump Monday | 25 & 26 weeks Pregnant |

                                                                  || 26 weeks today! ||

Here is bump at 25 & 26 weeks Pregnant. 

With Christmas being so beautifully busy I hadn't had a chance to get on the laptop at all! 
So here is two weeks worth of bump update. 

Bump at 25 weeks - Feeling like I'm carrying around a baby elephant...
How am I feeling at 25 weeks?
At 25 weeks I'm feeling pretty good, I'm starting to struggle to sleep with baby being very active & 
needing to pee every five minutes or so it feels like. 
Also I've been getting lots of Braxton Hicks & my SPD can be horrendous If I do too much....
I had to take my wedding rings off this week. :( 
I popped into Toyshop & Monsoon & stocked up on some pretty ones to replace my wedding rings. 

How am I feeling at 26 weeks?

26 weeks today. Where's the time going?? Oh my goodness. Christmas has exhausted me I'm positive of it. 
If I'm not asleep by 9:30pm the latest I just can't wake up the following morning. 
Braxtons are still happening - typically when I'm trying to sleep or sort the children out... 
Baby also likes to push her back outwards
Woke up this morning being sick !! Typical.... I think It was the shock of getting the children back to school. 
Feeling sickly most the time.... 
26 week bump

SPD is hit & miss some days better than others. 
Walking the dog for a long time especially when wearing my wellies puts me in agony...  

Baby is as heavy as a Red cabbage at 26 weeks

Anything to stop me feeling sickly. 

On a positive :
Less than 99 days till we meet baby small. 

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