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|| 28 Weeks today ||

W E E K 28 ! H E L L O Third Trimester. 

How am I feeling?
Today I'm feeling good. Amazingly after the weekend I went out Saturday night with the girls; it was our Christmas get together as we were all super busy before xmas mid January fitted us all perfectly. 
I must of got to bed about 11:30pm & so Sunday was a struggle for my very pregnant self, It was however a fabulous night of crude jokes & lots of laughter. Luckily I had another pregnant mummy friend out with us too so I didn't feel too ridiculous once we hit the local bar. 
This week is mega busy & I definitely can't wait for it to be over & I can regain some chill out time. 
It's amazing how different weeks I can feel so shocking compared to the next... like last week was a horrible week. I must remember to take things slowly & not get so stressed. 
All I felt yesterday was sick & yucky. Bedtime couldn't come quick enough. 

Baby Buzz *Nicknamed by H* - is the biggest fidget It's actually getting uncomfortable & hurts occasionally. 
Braxton Hicks are still in full swing. 

SPD is a bitch. I could barely walk yesterday... probably didn't help I slipped on the ice on Friday....

Baby is about the size as a large cabbage 

Hot cross buns

On a positive :
Seeing my midwife tomorrow at the hospital so will talk about Birth plan & get to hear baby heartbeat. 

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