It's brilliant although a little bit daunting to start with. 

Once I had got all the cardboard bits out the box.... honestly I just sat there thinking 'what have I done?' 
Until I started looking at the instructions & putting bits together...
It was actually pretty easy & very satisfying too.

Whilst I put the castle together, I got my two smalls to colour in the castle door. 
This worked well to distract them. They were so excited to see the finished product. 

Coco the puppy got excited too. 

H couldn't wait to be the king of the castle.

Once it was fully built my two smalls didn't waste any time settling into their new house. Or should I say Castle...

It's been a huge hit with them both, spending most of their time playing dens/castles/houses...

I love that if the children get bored they just start colouring in the castle. 

This is just £25.00 from Hawkin's Bazaar. 
For endless hours of entertainment I think it's a bargain. 

I've been told no parents allowed. 
Children and dogs only. 

H is the king... of course.

I would totally recommend the colour your own castle to any parent wanting to keep their children amused & entertained. 

Great present for Christmas or Birthday's for friends or family members. 

*Disclaimer I was given this for the purpose of the review: All thoughts & opinions are my own.

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