E lost her first ever tooth! Tooth Fairy visits.

Well what an exciting few weeks this has been. 
Those of you that know E will know just how much she has wanted a wobbly tooth. 
Lets just say from visiting Legoland at the age of four years old she has been making her wishes be about having a wobbly tooth or getting a new baby sister. 
Its rather sweet. 
Every birthday when blowing our her cake candles she would wish for her teeth to become wobbly. 
I suppose for E it was a huge step to show she was growing up. 
This was us in Disney March '15 E's wish into the wishing well was to "please let me have a wobbly tooth."
Here we are 10 months later with her first tooth missing. 
She has been super excited. 
She couldn't wait to go to bed last night & popped her tooth into an envelope then straight under her pillow. 

She then woke at 5am & found a £1 in her envelope! She was so excited. I did however manage to get her back to sleep as 5am start isn't very good. 
She was adorable & when Mr.H & I got out of bed at a normal time 6:30am... E said "Daddy Daddy the tooth fairy has been & she left me a penny!!" How sweet is that! She's popped the £1 in her piggy bank & she will save her tooth fairy money up. 
She now can't wait for her next tooth to be wobbly. 
She's so funny. 

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