Our Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015. 
It's been beautifully bonkers, I wouldn't of had it any other way. 
Family, friends & laughter. 
We started our Christmas celebrations on Christmas eve after Mr.H finished work with the two smalls  YES he took them into work with him, I stayed home with Coco (well she had her Christmas hair appointment) But I done the usual housewife thing & packed for our night away with my Inlaws.
We traveled up to London & had a take away pizza before going to see The Jack & the Beanstalk. 
The pantomime was fabulous & the children couldn't stop laughing. 
We went with the smalls cousins & my sister inlaws swell as mother inlaw & Mr.H of course. 

Once the Panto had finished we got the smalls back to their Nannas' & managed to get them to sleep remarkable easy.
E woke up at three am asking if Father C had been... then she looked down to her stocking & yep it was full of toys and goodies... I had to talk her back into sleeping for a couple more hours. 
We couldn't of had Christmas start at 3am, now could we?  Luckily she managed to get back to sleep till 7ish. 

Christmas started with their Stockings from Father C, then went downstairs for breakfast to wait for the rest of the house to wake up. The children couldn't wait to open their presents. 

Presents from Nanna

Opening presents from Mr. H & I....

Happy children. 

After we had opened all the presents the cousins all played together.
Then we went to a local pub/restaurant for Christmas Dinner. 
Lovely end to a lovely day.

Boxing day started back at our house...

Then went to my parents for more presents & another Christmas dinner.

Football boots! Happy H.

You can call E 'Miss E'.... Teacher set.

We had a fabulous day nice and chilled with the family. 


and Molly. 

Enjoying coffee from Mr.H's new coffee machine.

A few days after Christmas we travelled up to Norfolk for Christmas number three. 
Norfolk is almost like a second home to me as most half terms & summer holidays I spent there with my grandparents staying in their house. 
I love being up there & getting away from the stress of real life. 
The beach just a short 10 minute drive away theres also SAND! I'm so used to pebbles & stone beaches, the dogs and the children love the beach too. 

Christmas with an open fire. Beautiful.

My own present :) 

Then off home again to spend New year with my little family & New years day we always go to Jaimies Italian in Guildford & do a little bit of shopping. The weekend then we stayed nice and relaxed before returning back to work & school on the Monday. 
The christmas holidays went by so fast. 
Now next on the list is H's Birthday. 

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