Romance isn’t ruined by discounts - Valentines day

Picture the moment – you’re in a classy restaurant on a first date with your new potential life partner. It’s Valentine’s Day - you’ve had a great time, drinks have been flowing, the food was brilliant and you both agree to settle the bill. However, your date, who had ticked all the boxes up until now, pulls out a voucher for 50% off the bill. Do your opinions of this person then change significantly?
Absolutely not, according to research conducted by Busy Bees Benefits.
The company, which provides an employer dependent retail discount scheme, lists the top things worse than wanting to save money on a first date:
  1. Having a little too much to drink
It’s OK to have a drink, but if you need carrying home, you may as well write off any hopes of speaking to your date again.
  1. Assuming that you will pay the entire bill
This is one for the ladies – however, some men should also take note. Never assume that your date is going to pay for your meal. It might be a date but this is 2016, it’s time we rule out the age of sexism.
  1. Meeting someone who looks totally different to what you expected
We all love MTV’s Catfish, but we don’t love when the same thing happens to us. If your first date is with someone you met online, keep your profile picture realistic.
  1. Flirting with the waiter/waitress
If you’re looking for a sure-fire way to put your date off, try flirting with the server. Not only will you annoy your date, but you may also end up eating alone!
  1. Being rude to the restaurant staff
On the other hand, there’s nothing worse than sitting next to someone who gets a kick out of being unpleasant towards restaurant staff. If there’s ever a time to be swallowed up by the ground below you, this is probably it.
So there we have it! If you’re one of the few put off by a money-savvy date, take another look at this list and remind yourself – it could be a lot worse! Restaurants, hotels and other attractions are known to hike up their prices on Valentine’s Day, so a voucher or discount code isn’t anything to be ashamed of!
Romance isn’t ruined by discounts, so if you need a way to save money this Valentine’s Day, ask your employer about retail discount schemes. They’re a great way to cut costs, whether it’s for a gift, activity, hotel stay or restaurant visit.
Besides, if you’re romantic enough, your date isn’t likely to care about how you pay your half of the bill anyway! 

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