Top 5 New Year Garage Organisation Tips

Clearing out the clutter, bringing organisation to your family home and putting things in their ‘designated’ place can set the scene for the New Year.   With all the fun of the festive season still fresh in our minds, getting our heads in gear for 2016 (without wanting to weep) can prove challenging. Somewhere between forgetting what day it is, the horrific hangovers and NYE, it’s now time to get back to reality.   So if you’re looking to start the New Year as you mean to go on with a squeaky clean house, more room for the kids and productivity on the rise, do read on…  Today on the blog we share with you the ‘Top 5 New Year Garage Organisation Tips’ for you consider as you set about sorting out the old and making way for the new.   
1) Fun for all the family  For many, the idea of cleaning out the garage may seem like a mundane task that is dreaded so it never gets done. It’s that job assigned to you (mother) and before long you find yourself lost in last years Christmas decorations, decorative portraits, dusty bikes and dated videos that have not seen the light of day for the best part of a decade!   Turn the process of sorting your garage out, into a fabulous, family clear out with help from everyone including, dad! You will be surprised by all the items you re-discover, locked away and buried under various blankets, bags and boxes of all sorts. It may take you some time and effort but will leave your family with memories that are sure to last a lifetime   

2) Safety first  When it comes to your garage there can be hordes of rubbish collected over time, but there’s also some items that have both sentimental and quality value. These items should be protected from unwanted visitors in the form of necessary security accessories for your garage door.   Style shouldn’t be sacrificed through security, so visit Select Garage Doors for only the best quality, reliable products with a collection of satin chrome and antique brass handles and hinges available to safety-proof your home today.   

3) Organisation  for the busy family  For busy families with a multitude of clutter to clear, you need something to keep everything in check as you look to arrange various items across a smaller garage space. You can find storage units, hooks and shelves at your local hardware store. Just hang your possessions up on the walls and store all sorts of things on your walls to free up floor space and give the illusion of a clutter free garage - you’re welcome!   

4) Pretty up your garage steps  There’s nothing like adding a splash of colour to your home to brighten up your mood as you set about clearing out. You can transform your garage into a spectacle to be admired with just a touch of paint and a little imagination.   For example, your stairs lead the way to better things (apparently) and so you can put a spring in your step with a brighter colour and a little message to lift your spirits. The Only Way Is Up, Welcome HomeHappy Home etc. This is a great way to brighten up an otherwise dull, boring expanse of space.   

5) Easy storage and organisation  solutions  Don’t waste hours of your time looking for an expensive shelving unit, complete with all the bells and whistles! You can purchase plastic totes for next to nothing and with a carefully placed label, you will always know what goes in them and will be able to find things much easier.   This article was provided by Geoff Gibson, Director, at Select Garage Doors. If you are looking for a new side hinged garage door, or perhaps you just want to protect your family with security accessories, give their expert team a call on 01942 311 110 and they will be happy to help!

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