Bump Monday | 34 weeks Pregnant |

|| 34 weeks Pregnant ||

How am I feeling?
This past week has been crazy, so busy & draining. I've got some Ranitidine *for my heartburn & it's made such a huge difference to my day. I feel normal again *YAY* My SPD is so much better though at night time it plays up horrifically. My ankles have swollen... so been told to rest as much as I can.Yeah right resting with my two crazies & the dog. I'll try at least. 
I've had a horrible headache for the past few days annoying I can only take paracetamol to help. 
Baby is extremely low & its quite painful at times to walk....
Braxton hick's have gone up a level to quite a bit of discomfort now. Ouch. 

Baby is the size of a Cantaloupe melon

Healthy snacks thank goodness!! 
Oranges & blueberries 
Houmous & cucumber 

Just 42 days to go till D-Day. 

On a positive :
I've started packing my hospital bag. Yay. 

Mothercare wins Baby Changing Room of The Year!

Mothercare has claimed 1st place in the Best Retailer category after receiving a staggering number of votes - with the Edmonton branch being selected to receive the award. The Sudocrem Care & Protect Baby Changing Room Awards received nominations from parents across the UK in another impressive voter turn out.

Now in its third year, Sudocrem Care & Protect launched the Awards in 2014 to recognise the very best in baby changing facilities across the UK. The first campaign prompted almost 1,000 parents to nominate their favourite baby changing rooms.

“It’s often simple things like good baby changing facilities that make life better for parents in the First 1,000 Days”, says Nick Wilkie, father-of-three and CEO of the National Children’s Trust, “That’s why the Baby Changing Room Awards are such a great idea and why the NCT is so pleased to be involved.”

Mr Wilkie presented the award personally to the Edmonton branch this month.

Mothercare won the award for its clean and spacious facilities, which offer a comfortable changing mat in a calm environment, disposable towels, and plenty of room to move around and stow a pram.

Stacy Moore, Store Manager at Mothercare Edmonton said: “We’re thrilled to have won the baby changing room award as voted for by our customers. We have thousands of parents and children visiting our stores every day, so it’s great to hear we are providing a comfortable and award winning changing space.”

The retailer faced competition from the likes of Asda, Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, and Sainsbury’s.

Sudocrem Care & Protect is a unique nappy rash ointment and changing bag essential. It provides triple protection against nappy rash at every nappy change and comes with a hinged flip-top lid, which gives quick mess-free access to the ointment using one hand; a must when nappy changing requires speed and efficiency.

“This has been yet another wonderful opportunity to highlight fantastic baby changing facilities and remind everyone of the difference that good nappy changing facilities make to Mums’ lives. We hope it will encourage businesses everywhere to provide excellent facilities.” Says Senior Brand Manager Nick Lang.

The winners will receive their unique certificates with the Sudocrem Care & Protect logo this month and no doubt a lot more visits from mums and dads! All voters were automatically
entered in a prize draw for a family holiday at Knoll House in Dorset and this year’s winner has been contacted.

Sudocrem Care & Protect is a nappy rash ointment - designed specifically for babies - that offers TRIPLE PROTECTION against nappy rash at every nappy change:

1. Creating a protective barrier that seals in the skin’s natural moisture and protects even the most delicate skin against external irritants.
2. Conditioning the skin - Vitamin E and Pro Vitamin B5 helps to protect the skin and keep it soft, healthy and moisturised.
3. Guarding against infection - As well as sealing in the good stuff, Sudocrem Care & Protect acts as a barrier to protect delicate skin from the bad stuff, like the chemicals in urine and poo, and from chafing and rubbing.

Because Sudocrem Care & Protect is just for your baby, it is hypoallergenic and has been dermatologically tested. It is also free from artificial colours and preservatives.

Mothers Day Special Blossoming Gifts Bouquet | Review | Plus 33% Discount |

Last week I was sent this beautiful bouquet from 'Blossoming Gifts'.
They are a new and exciting flower delivery company based in the UK. They specialise in gorgeous florist designs at a low cost.
With Mothers Day being just a stone throw away now (6th March) for those who didn't know when it was... 
I thought it was the best time to share my beautiful Mothers day bouquet. 

This bouquet is part of the Mothers day flowers range from their website.
I enjoy looking through the gorgeous range of flowers online. 
This bouquet is called 'Pink bunting' how sweet is that name. 
I placed them in my kitchen to brighten up the place. It's lovely each morning being greeted by such lovely flowers. 

My thoughts :

Obviously it wouldn't be a review without my honest input... 
Easy to order ( I actually ordered some flowers for my own Mum from the website around 8pm on Thursday night & the flowers were then delivered promptly the following day) You can't get much better than that. My mum was over joyed with her bouquet of flowers.
Very competitive prices compared to other flower companies
I picked the day I wanted delivery - they delivered that day. 
I also got sent a tracking number
Couldn't of been any simpler. 
The flowers are just beautiful.

I've had the flowers over a week now & still look as good as they did on the first day. 
They last so well & I've had so many compliments on them. 
They always last such a long time compared to other companies I've previously bought from. 
Even after a few weeks when a handful of heads die down I removed them & the flowers still kept looking beautiful. 

Would I recommend the company?

Of course I would and I do recommend them to friends & family. I've heard back some brilliant feedback too! These are such a good price & the quality is most definitely there too.

The colours in the flowers are gorgeous & the different textures are lovely.

I also have the discount code as mentioned above, have a discount code for you guys to use. 
This entitles you all to a whopping 33% off a bouquet just use the code : BGIFTS33
The only bouquets exempt from the discount would be the 'Flowers By Post' range. However, this is a very small range.

A lot of the flowers have 'free chocolates' with the bouquets too. Worth looking around the website.

They also have very reasonably priced flowers too, we all love to save money & buy Cheap flowers that actually look nice!...
The bouquets start from just £11.99

How will you be celebrating Mothers Day? 

Disclaimer - I was sent this product for the review. However all thought & opinions are my own.

Our day at The Baby Show Excel - What we bought for Baby 3

On Sunday Mr.H & I attended The Baby Show. 
I had a list of things we needed to get & we set to find them 
The night before I could barely sleep with baby wriggling & I felt a bit rubbish poorly, so spent majority of the night online having a look at what offers The Baby Show had to offer. 
I saw on the Stokke Lovers Facebook page that Stokke were giving away 10 Stokke My carriers
A carrier was also on my list of Baby must haves. 
So when Mr.H woke around 6am I mentioned the offer Stokke had on & said shall we just get up & go then even if we don't get the carrier we can get in the show & out reasonably quickly. 
Once we arrived the sue for the Excel car park was crazy even at 9am. 
I chucked Mr.H out of the car & he went to get in the show queue whilst I parked up the car. 
It took me 35minutes to park!! Crazy. 
By the time I got to the show the shutters were open & Mr.H was number 8 in the Stokke My carrier queue we had got one. YAY!. 

This is Mr.H with the Stokke my carrier. 
We picked the breathable black mesh one. 
I can't wait for it to arrive. 

After we gave our details & sorted out our new carrier I couldn't help but swoon over at the Stokke stand. This cot was so beautiful.

This stokke cot with the side taken off - Gorgeous. 
I decided that I want the Stokke Trip Trap highchair for this baby too. 

After I left the Stokke stand I went over to Bugaboo & ordered the Bugaboo Grey melange hood & carry cot textiles also the bugaboo wool mattress cover. Bugaboo had 10% off so I got it all for a fabulous price... It will look great on my Bugaboo buffalo black frame. 
My main list of baby needs was :

Bugaboo textiles & matters cover
Nursing bras - I got four from Hotmilk lingerie they are gorgeous.
Baby carrier  Luckily won one from Stokke
Breastfeeding pillow
Reusable bamboo breast pads - they look fabulous 
Cellular blanket - I found Mama scarf after looking through Instagram with the hashtag - The baby show & fell in love with the yellow with grey blanket. 

Because E & H stayed home with my Mum I had to buy them a small present.
I got E a beautiful  bumble bee fairy dress from Senangkids.co.uk *they currently have 40% off their P.J's at the moment too.

We watched a few shows, simply because my legs had almost given up on me... 
It was fun watching four people put together a stokke trip trap the one who done the most actually won one. Amazing. 

For H's present I got racing car book with track from Usborne books

We had a wonderful day & got everything we needed. 
Now all I need is for baby to arrive.

I could of easily of spent a huge amount of money on bits & pieces that *every new mumma needs* however with this being Baby 3 I have survived without a lot of the things & I don't feel like we need it now, you know? It's easy enough to get sucked into everything you need for baby though.

I love the Mamas & Papas new Donna Wilson buggy. 

If you want to go to the next Baby show take a look Here

Bounce Into The New Season With Spring Greens

Delicious and Healthy (Super) Foods For Your Baby from Kiddie Cubes
The birds are singing, there’s blossom on the trees, and what’s that we see in the sky? It’s the sunshine back from the gloomy depths of Winter to remind us that something wonderful is about to begin. And for you there really is as you take your first steps into the wonderful world of weaning with your little one. We know that this can be quite an anxious time as you search the internet for helpful hints and tips, it sometimes feels like there’s limited of fresh produce available to use. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Spring is a perfect month to get your baby into their greens which are just coming in to season, such as staple favourites such as carrots, broccoli and peas.  At Kiddie Cubes, some of our most popular meals – eaten all year round – contain these fantastic foods, and as they blend to a fine smooth consistency, they are perfect for Stage 1 weaning as well as Stage 2.  Kiddie Cubes meals are just like the best homemade; containing no ‘nasties’, only 100% organic and natural ingredients.

The cook-and-freeze process used by Kiddie Cubes keeps vital vitamins and minerals ‘locked in’ making it an easy, tasty and wholesome way to wean your baby onto solids. From freezer to table, a meal can be ready in just 90 seconds. 

Try some of our best sellers – packed with yummy flavours to have your baby bouncing this Spring. 

Eat Your Greens
Spinach, Broccoli, Courgette, Peas.
Your little one will be as strong as Popeye after eating this strengthening mix of tasty greens, rich in vitamins and minerals to help them grow.

Veggies and Lovely Lentils
Lentils, Butternut, Swede, Parsnip, Celery
An easy and tasty introduction to protein, with slight texture, but still only tasting of a nutritious selection of vegetables.
Priced at £3.49, the stage one pouches, have all the benefits of freshly homemade and nutritionally balanced food with the convenience of frozen cube portions. These pouches are low in natural sugars and absolutely no added sugar - so it’s as close as you can get to home-produced.  

Approved by The Organic Food Federation, there are 13 products in the Kiddie Cubes range covering two stages of weaning. All products available to purchase nationwide from Ocado, selected Waitrose and Asda stores, Waitrose.com, Asda.com and cookfood.net and Cook Stores, and with such eye catching packaging you can’t miss them in the freezer aisle.

Bump Monday | 33 weeks Pregnant |

|| 33 weeks Pregnant ||

How am I feeling?
Today I'm poorly. Being pregnant & poorly is no fun, no fun at all... 
I have managed to clean the house though my goodness with the children being at home for a week chaos has happened. The smalls bedroom looks well, interesting... they have there own idea of 'tidying up' 
We went to the baby show yesterday (Blog to follow) - I'm so achey today, my legs, back & bump all ache. Not much fun, taking it easy this week though. 
Bump has definitely gotten bigger in the past week... people at The Baby show didn't believe me when I said I still had 7 weeks to go.... not sure I can get that much bigger....
Sleep insomnia is hell. - I'm so tired but can't sleep at all. 
Braxton hick's are getting worse & more frequent.
Baby is very low down she's not annoyed my ribs at all so far....

Baby is the size of a Honeydew

Bump from front view

sweets still & chocolate. Terrible... 

On a positive :
I've bought pretty much everything baby needs now.

Three ways to install shelves in the home

We have always enjoyed presenting our ornaments and objects on a shelf of some kind. The earliest known example of this in the UK is at Skara Brae where people once lived in underground dwellings and built all their furniture out of stone.

The team at ContiBoard decided to look at some of the great ways that shelves are used as features in a room, for decoration as well as practical uses like separating a large room into smaller spaces.
1.                   Wall shelving
A modern approach to installing shelves - wall shelving involves the creation of concaves in the wall at the time of being built and plastered. These have a ‘built-in' feel and remove the issue of installing another material and assigning space to create the shelves.
2.                   Corner shelving
When only have a small area you need to think practically about what space you are going to use for storage. Corners and unusual size alcoves are an ideal place to build customized shelving solutions. In parts of the room which are not used for foot flow, it makes sense to convert them into storage and build upwards to get the most out of the area. Contiboard allows you to custom build shelving in these spaces and there is a whole range of colours and finishes to suit.
3.                   Room-divider shelving
Ever since the open-plan concept came into fashion, the idea of using shelving to separate the room has been very warmly adopted. What better way to separate a room whilst still maintaining a feeling of openness?! As well as this, you are also able to customise your shelves in many different ways - ContiBoard can offer a fabulous solution to your customised shelving needs.
ContiBoard is available in four shades - Liquorice, Toffee, Nut Crunch and Vanilla Ice. ContiBoard costs from £24 for a pack of two boards which includes standard delivery within the mainland UK*. 
For further information, please call 01769 575400 or visit www.conti.co.uk.

H at Speech Therapy four weeks in.

We've been attending Speech therapy for H for the past four weeks to add into our chaotic life. 
Unfortunately H is not interested at all in 'talking correctly' 
He can say many of the sounds the speech therapist asked him to however the following week he has no intention of even trying to say them.

He also gets worked up if he's not speaking well or he does the sound wrong.
Then he just hypes himself up into a crazy child who won't listen at all....

It's all quite frustrating.

I've even tried bribery with sweets/cars & chocolate yogurts. 

Nothing has helped much & it won't be long till he starts Primary school. 
Our speech therapist said its hard when he seems to show no interest in wanting to help himself. 
Unfortunately for him it does seem to be effecting his friendships at school, he has started messing around a lot more to get other children's attention & I've seen first hand where a child hasn't been able to understand him, it's horrible to see. He gets so upset & the child just has no idea what he's trying to say... 

I've got to admit I struggle to understand him too & I'm with him most of the time, I try not to let him get too upset with it but it's hard when I really have no idea what he's talking about. 

The letters he struggles with most are...
F, S, D, T.... 
All quite similar to when E was his age now she's 6 & she's been discharged from speech which is brilliant. This makes me relax a little bit as I know H will get there eventually. 

Typically H is meant to go back for a review in April when baby is due but they've told me not to worry too much & to make an appointment when I'm settled with baby *buzz*.... 

Boots and Bars - TEN TOP TIPS *Talipes

Boots and Bars - TEN TOP TIPS

Wearing the Boots and Bars is a crucial part of the Ponseti treatment and relies entirely on the parents’ compliance. Taking the boots and bars off for only a few hours, or overnight can result in a relapse and may involve reverting to the plastering stage.  Parents can find this stage of treatment challenging but please do persevere. The casting will correct the feet but it is the boots and bar that maintain the correction long term
Take a look at top 10 hints and tips
  1. Use socks that have a 'grip' on the bottom as it helps to stop the boots slipping. - We use GAP socks
  2. When the hospital fits the boots mark with a biro on the straps (if they have buckles) so you know how tight they need to be in the first days when you are getting used to them. - This helped me so much & helped when Mr.H had to put the boots on our boy.
  3. If they don't have straps, when getting them fitted ask the hospital to put a biro mark on the inside of the sole where the end of the toes come to. This way you know where the boots should sit.
  4. Use the holes at the back of the boot to check the heel is flat. If there is no hole ask the hospital to make one for you. - We found this so helpful H's heels haven't dropped so fitting them in the boots is difficult. H now knows when his boots are fitted correctly himself. 
  5. If the boots have laces, knot them in the middle so if they come undone you only have to relace them part of the way.
  6. If you have leather boots smear the inside with Vaseline. They will slip on much easier and are less likely to rub.
  7. Get some clear nail varnish and paint the ends of the suede straps and you will find it threads the buckle much easier in the long term.
  8. Try and get boots that have a detachable bar, particularly if you have an older baby. Much easier when getting in the shopping trolley, high chair, baby carrier.... ect ect.
  9. Get the hospital to show you how to adjust the boots yourself so you don't get stuck in the event of a problem.
  10. If sore red patches appear use Compeed or DuoDeam plasters (on prescription). These act as a second skin and stop the feet from getting worse. Swap to Mepore self adhesive dressings (on prescription) if the skin breaks or a blister appears. Once the skin has healed swap back to Compeed or DuoDeam.
If you have any other helpful tips you would like to share then please add your comments below....

Bump Monday | 32 weeks Pregnant |

|| 32 weeks Pregnant ||

How am I feeling?

Time is flying I'm 8 weeks away from due date. Scary!! 
I'm ok its the start of half term.... not sure how I'll be feeling by the end of the week.
I'm definitely more tired than I was as soon as my head hits my pillow at night I'm asleep. 
My SPD has improved so much I even managed to take the dog on a long walk this morning so that is great. 
Sickness still not back so I'm enjoying being pregnant right now. 

Baby is taking up more and more space in my uterus (womb), weighs about 1.7kg and is as long as a kale

H loves baby 'Buzz' so much already. 


On a positive :
My SPD is still OK. Yay! - Going to the Baby Show at the end of the week so will get everything else I need bought. So excited.

The origin of Mr Jack Valentine

Mr.Valentine, not (my) Mr.Valentine... Not my husband. But The Mr. Jack Valentine. 

Mr.Valentine is purely for the children, a bit like Father Christmas or the Easter Bunny. 
I posted earlier today about Mr.Valentines..You can check it out HERE
Mr.Valentine ... I'm going to call him Mr.V for short. 
The children will get 10-15 small bags of gifts each... nothing major, crayons, socks, toy cars. The excitement isn't really the gifts its the 'knock, knock, knock'... then the children get nervous at first but the excitement kicks in rather quickly. 

I was still having Mr.V visit me until I had children of my own.. I know I know big kid here! 

See I grew up with Mr.V in my life from the word go. It's funny because I'd go to school & tell all my friends about Mr.V about the presents I had received & they didn't have a clue. 

My Mum is from Norfolk & this is where it originates from....

So you see the origin of Mr.V is HERE

Rather interesting I will copy a few bits for you lazy people who won't click on the link....

Elm Hill: Love is in the air


Looking back through the history books, Norfolk is a county of cupids. From the mystery Jack Valentine to the tradition of swopping gifts of Valentine's Eve, it seems we are a load of rural romantics.

Each year on 14 February, millions of valentine’s cards are exchanged across the world. But traditionally people in Norfolk make an extra effort to get those hearts fluttering.
In the year 2000, one Cupid pretender gave the residents of Muriel Street, Norwich, a valentine’s treat. The lucky residents woke up to find biscuits with heart stickers stuck to their doors, gates and cars.
Although this was more of a prank than a custom, the county has a long heritage of valentine traditions.

Victorian gifts
In Victorian times, Norfolk lovers went to great lengths to swap parcels anonymously on 13 February. Often more money was spent on valentine’s gifts than Christmas presents.
The county's cupids were certainly more generous than those in other parts of the country where a a solitary love letter or card would do.

Valentine’s Eve
Across the county, Valentine’s Eve was as eagerly anticipated as Christmas Eve and it was always good fun.
People would fill a bag with love tokens to give away. They would bump into friends in the street and share jokes along the way. When they arrived at the home of their lover, they would knock on the door, leave a present and run off before they were spotted.
Hopefully, the valentine would be out and you would return home to find your own doorstep covered with parcels.

Hoaxes and pranks
Because Valentine's Day was such an extravagant custom in Norfolk, jokers saw it as a perfect chance to pull off hoaxes.
Those unlucky in love would be mocked with a huge present left outside their house. After unwrapping lots of layers of paper, the unhappy recipient would find a cruel scribbled comment.
Others would open their door after hearing a rat-tat-tat only to be laughed at by somebody hidden away.

Jack Valentine
The only surviving Norfolk ritual is Jack Valentine, otherwise known as Old Father Valentine or Old Mother Valentine.
The enigmatic Mr or Mrs Valentine disappear into thin air after knocking at the door and leaving their gifts.
It is unclear when this mystery figure emerged, but children are as likely as adults to be visited.
During the early 20th century, youngsters would probably be given a little treat from the village shop, while lovers would be more generous.
Although little is known about the history of Jack Valentine, it remains a popular custom and seems to be exclusive to Norfolk."

Rather interesting stuff... it originates from Norfolk & now I live in Sussex I will be carrying the tradition on.  When I was growing up we lived in Surrey & no one locally knew what Mr.Valentine was about. 

Today we're off to Brighton to walk around the lanes. My favourite past time.

I hope you all have a extra special Valentines Day whatever you're all up too. 

You could always put a smile of your little ones faces & be Mr.Valentine for them.  

Valentines 2016 Mr Valentine our family tradition

Happy Valentines Day.

Another year to celebrate Mr Valentine with my smalls, 
Mr.H & I don't really celebrate Valentines day as our wedding anniversary is in a few weeks. It's our five year wedding anniversary too so lovely! 
I've spoken about Mr Valentine before. 
Here & Here

This year E got her as she calls him her (husband) boyfriend a chocolate rose & a home made card. It's so sweet... She ran over to him on Friday morning to give him the chocolate rose & he then handed her a chocolate rose & home made card too. Totally adorable. He's such a lovely little boy & they've known each other since they were two and a half. 

Anyways back to our Valentines day ... So who is Mr Valentine I hear you say? Have you really never heard of him? 
I grew up with Mr Valentine in my life ever since I can remember we've always had Mr valentine in our life. 
I think it's wonderful to involve the children in Valentines day seeing as I think for adults its all about shops making money out of the soppy loved up couples.  *Vomit*
Also restaurant chains banking in on the profits of the soppy loved up couples. 
Ha I sound like such a valentines scrooge. Honestly I'm not I just don't like the smushy overly loved up thing.... Mr.H & I are very happy & we don't need Valentines day to remind us of that...
Mr Valentine is all I know, each valentines there will be a knock at the door & a bag left outside. 
Each bag will have a small gift in. 
Nothing crazily expensive, socks, chocolates, crafty stuff. You get it, stocking filler type stuff. 
I think its a lovely tradition & hope my children follow it through for their children. 
This year i popped into our local town & just went to Tiger, Monsoon *SALE* & Primark.
I probably spent £15 each on them & I got them some really cute things.

I love how much Emilyn (now 6 years old) gets excited about Mr Valentine coming.
We spent the year before last in Norfolk at my Grans (Mr Valentine actually originates from Norfolk I explained that in my post two years ago)

This was Emilyn having her very first visit from Mr Valentine. 

It's also VERY interesting what we all think Mr Valentine looks like... My sister & I had this conversation a few years ago. I oddly think of him as a man dressed in black (to blend in with the darkness) with a top hat on like a spy. Where as my sister thinks of him as a little elf *emphasis on his elf ears*
quite creepy really....

So my question to you all is: Have you heard of Mr Valentine before?
Do you do Mr Valentine for your children?
Perhaps you'll start now?

Remember it doesn't need to be expensive either... but it is great fun & something for your smalls to look forwards to. Especially with them going into half term. 


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