Boots and Bars - TEN TOP TIPS *Talipes

Boots and Bars - TEN TOP TIPS

Wearing the Boots and Bars is a crucial part of the Ponseti treatment and relies entirely on the parents’ compliance. Taking the boots and bars off for only a few hours, or overnight can result in a relapse and may involve reverting to the plastering stage.  Parents can find this stage of treatment challenging but please do persevere. The casting will correct the feet but it is the boots and bar that maintain the correction long term
Take a look at top 10 hints and tips
  1. Use socks that have a 'grip' on the bottom as it helps to stop the boots slipping. - We use GAP socks
  2. When the hospital fits the boots mark with a biro on the straps (if they have buckles) so you know how tight they need to be in the first days when you are getting used to them. - This helped me so much & helped when Mr.H had to put the boots on our boy.
  3. If they don't have straps, when getting them fitted ask the hospital to put a biro mark on the inside of the sole where the end of the toes come to. This way you know where the boots should sit.
  4. Use the holes at the back of the boot to check the heel is flat. If there is no hole ask the hospital to make one for you. - We found this so helpful H's heels haven't dropped so fitting them in the boots is difficult. H now knows when his boots are fitted correctly himself. 
  5. If the boots have laces, knot them in the middle so if they come undone you only have to relace them part of the way.
  6. If you have leather boots smear the inside with Vaseline. They will slip on much easier and are less likely to rub.
  7. Get some clear nail varnish and paint the ends of the suede straps and you will find it threads the buckle much easier in the long term.
  8. Try and get boots that have a detachable bar, particularly if you have an older baby. Much easier when getting in the shopping trolley, high chair, baby carrier.... ect ect.
  9. Get the hospital to show you how to adjust the boots yourself so you don't get stuck in the event of a problem.
  10. If sore red patches appear use Compeed or DuoDeam plasters (on prescription). These act as a second skin and stop the feet from getting worse. Swap to Mepore self adhesive dressings (on prescription) if the skin breaks or a blister appears. Once the skin has healed swap back to Compeed or DuoDeam.
If you have any other helpful tips you would like to share then please add your comments below....

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