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|| 30 Weeks today ||

How am I feeling?

30 Weeks today 
The time really is flying & I'm slowly going into panic mode.... 
I need to do so much to get ready for baby. 
My SPD is horrendous at the moment or more my left hip is agony, makes walking super hard work. 
I had my flu & whooping cough jabs last week so another thing to tick off the list of things to do. 
I'm finding life much more exhausting already too. Boo. Looks like naps in the day will make a reappearance.

Baby is about the size of a large cabbage.

Carbs still....
Haribo.... yum...

With my last two pregnancies I measured bump - 
with E my bump at 36 weeks was 39"...
with H my bump at 30 weeks was 39"... so bump with H was much bigger than my E bump.. but second baby & H is a boy think that adds into equation.

Bump with this pregnancy at 30 weeks is 37" so smaller than my H bump but bigger than my E bump. 

On a positive :
It's just 7 weeks till I'm full term that's a pretty good positive in my eyes. 

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