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|| 31 weeks Pregnant ||

How am I feeling?

31 Weeks today 
Life is a bit shitty if I'm honest. I'm exhausted & life is mental. 
I blogged yesterday about the devastating news about Coco my fur baby.... you can catch up here
It's totally knocked me for six. 
Also pregnancy insomnia has hit big time & all I want to do in the daytime is sleep. 
I'm coping though, not really sure how I'm coping but house is clean, food is in the slow cooker, children showered & gone to school in clean clothes. 
It's amazing how you function when you just have to. 

Baby weighs about as much as a coconut.


The past two nights I have woken up to make a sandwich. 
Silly cravings. 
It's Pancake day this week - I am so excited Pancakes make me happy
Stupid stupid sweet craving....

On a positive :
My SPD has improved greatly this week. On the single digit countdown... 9 weeks to go. 

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