Bump Monday | 32 weeks Pregnant |

|| 32 weeks Pregnant ||

How am I feeling?

Time is flying I'm 8 weeks away from due date. Scary!! 
I'm ok its the start of half term.... not sure how I'll be feeling by the end of the week.
I'm definitely more tired than I was as soon as my head hits my pillow at night I'm asleep. 
My SPD has improved so much I even managed to take the dog on a long walk this morning so that is great. 
Sickness still not back so I'm enjoying being pregnant right now. 

Baby is taking up more and more space in my uterus (womb), weighs about 1.7kg and is as long as a kale

H loves baby 'Buzz' so much already. 


On a positive :
My SPD is still OK. Yay! - Going to the Baby Show at the end of the week so will get everything else I need bought. So excited.

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