Bump Monday | 33 weeks Pregnant |

|| 33 weeks Pregnant ||

How am I feeling?
Today I'm poorly. Being pregnant & poorly is no fun, no fun at all... 
I have managed to clean the house though my goodness with the children being at home for a week chaos has happened. The smalls bedroom looks well, interesting... they have there own idea of 'tidying up' 
We went to the baby show yesterday (Blog to follow) - I'm so achey today, my legs, back & bump all ache. Not much fun, taking it easy this week though. 
Bump has definitely gotten bigger in the past week... people at The Baby show didn't believe me when I said I still had 7 weeks to go.... not sure I can get that much bigger....
Sleep insomnia is hell. - I'm so tired but can't sleep at all. 
Braxton hick's are getting worse & more frequent.
Baby is very low down she's not annoyed my ribs at all so far....

Baby is the size of a Honeydew

Bump from front view

sweets still & chocolate. Terrible... 

On a positive :
I've bought pretty much everything baby needs now.

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