Coco my Cavapoo - Her first hydrotherapy swimming lesson. 13/02/16

If you follow my blog on a regular basis you may of seen my blog post last week about my darling doggy Coco & we had just found out she had luxating patellas on both knees but graded as a 1 only. 
My vets had wanted me to started doggy physio & wanted me to take her to a rather over priced hydrotherapy pool.

Thankfully I have some wonderful friends around me & I managed to get a second opinion.
We decided Coco just needs to strengthen her legs & muscles - swimming in a normal pool locally should do the trick. 
As well as starting her on joint supplements & see how she goes.

Coco with her doggy lifeguard jacket on

Coco has never really swam before apart from jumping in a doggy lake around 6 months ago. 
She looked quite excited by the pool & luckily the two other dogs we shared the pool with were lovely & actually encouraged her to get into the pool.

This is Coco swimming for the second time... she got better and better the more she swam. 

We will take her swimming weekly & may even try twice weekly once baby has been born.
I had an overwhelming proudness whilst watching her swim. She is my fur baby it was quite emotional to watch. 
So proud of my Coco

She's now back home & exhausted, we were told she could well sleep for the next 12 -24 hours as she's used muscles she's never used before. 
She's booked in for next Saturday again. 

I'll try to keep you updated on her progress.

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