H at Speech Therapy four weeks in.

We've been attending Speech therapy for H for the past four weeks to add into our chaotic life. 
Unfortunately H is not interested at all in 'talking correctly' 
He can say many of the sounds the speech therapist asked him to however the following week he has no intention of even trying to say them.

He also gets worked up if he's not speaking well or he does the sound wrong.
Then he just hypes himself up into a crazy child who won't listen at all....

It's all quite frustrating.

I've even tried bribery with sweets/cars & chocolate yogurts. 

Nothing has helped much & it won't be long till he starts Primary school. 
Our speech therapist said its hard when he seems to show no interest in wanting to help himself. 
Unfortunately for him it does seem to be effecting his friendships at school, he has started messing around a lot more to get other children's attention & I've seen first hand where a child hasn't been able to understand him, it's horrible to see. He gets so upset & the child just has no idea what he's trying to say... 

I've got to admit I struggle to understand him too & I'm with him most of the time, I try not to let him get too upset with it but it's hard when I really have no idea what he's talking about. 

The letters he struggles with most are...
F, S, D, T.... 
All quite similar to when E was his age now she's 6 & she's been discharged from speech which is brilliant. This makes me relax a little bit as I know H will get there eventually. 

Typically H is meant to go back for a review in April when baby is due but they've told me not to worry too much & to make an appointment when I'm settled with baby *buzz*.... 

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