Valentines 2016 Mr Valentine our family tradition

Happy Valentines Day.

Another year to celebrate Mr Valentine with my smalls, 
Mr.H & I don't really celebrate Valentines day as our wedding anniversary is in a few weeks. It's our five year wedding anniversary too so lovely! 
I've spoken about Mr Valentine before. 
Here & Here

This year E got her as she calls him her (husband) boyfriend a chocolate rose & a home made card. It's so sweet... She ran over to him on Friday morning to give him the chocolate rose & he then handed her a chocolate rose & home made card too. Totally adorable. He's such a lovely little boy & they've known each other since they were two and a half. 

Anyways back to our Valentines day ... So who is Mr Valentine I hear you say? Have you really never heard of him? 
I grew up with Mr Valentine in my life ever since I can remember we've always had Mr valentine in our life. 
I think it's wonderful to involve the children in Valentines day seeing as I think for adults its all about shops making money out of the soppy loved up couples.  *Vomit*
Also restaurant chains banking in on the profits of the soppy loved up couples. 
Ha I sound like such a valentines scrooge. Honestly I'm not I just don't like the smushy overly loved up thing.... Mr.H & I are very happy & we don't need Valentines day to remind us of that...
Mr Valentine is all I know, each valentines there will be a knock at the door & a bag left outside. 
Each bag will have a small gift in. 
Nothing crazily expensive, socks, chocolates, crafty stuff. You get it, stocking filler type stuff. 
I think its a lovely tradition & hope my children follow it through for their children. 
This year i popped into our local town & just went to Tiger, Monsoon *SALE* & Primark.
I probably spent £15 each on them & I got them some really cute things.

I love how much Emilyn (now 6 years old) gets excited about Mr Valentine coming.
We spent the year before last in Norfolk at my Grans (Mr Valentine actually originates from Norfolk I explained that in my post two years ago)

This was Emilyn having her very first visit from Mr Valentine. 

It's also VERY interesting what we all think Mr Valentine looks like... My sister & I had this conversation a few years ago. I oddly think of him as a man dressed in black (to blend in with the darkness) with a top hat on like a spy. Where as my sister thinks of him as a little elf *emphasis on his elf ears*
quite creepy really....

So my question to you all is: Have you heard of Mr Valentine before?
Do you do Mr Valentine for your children?
Perhaps you'll start now?

Remember it doesn't need to be expensive either... but it is great fun & something for your smalls to look forwards to. Especially with them going into half term. 

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