Why we love Pancake day

Happy Shrove Tuesday lovely people. 
I hope you are all stuffing your face with pancakes. 
Pancake day for us is a special day. We got married almost 5 years ago on pancake day! 
We had pancakes for pudding. Then spent two weeks in Tunisia & indulged in pancakes every day whilst there. 
Luckily both my smalls have grown up to also love pancakes. 
Baby bump is enjoying them this year too. 

This is my smalls this afternoon, (after they've been at school all day) with their pancakes. 
I love how you can have sweet or savoury pancakes. 
We love princes fruit fillings in our pancakes with maple syrup & cream. 

I'm enjoying classic lemon pancakes this year.

So what pancakes will you be having? 
Happy Pancake day!!

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