The Wonderful World of Weaning! Kiddie Cubes Guides Parents With Top Tips and Advice

The weaning process can be a minefield – so much information, advice, opinion and options out there, but how do you know what’s best for you and your baby?  Help is at hand from the experts at organic baby food range Kiddie Cubes.  Founder, Nutritional Therapist and mum-of-three, Issy Langly-Smith gives her top five tips to make your life easier when introducing your little one to the wonderful world of solid foods.

1.       Don’t Stress The Mess!
Having a child means your home and especially your kitchen is not going to remain pristine. It’s hard to accept if you’re a bit of a neat freak at heart - believe me, I know! And this is never more so than when you are weaning. Food will be flicked, thrown and squished and it’ll end up in places that you have never imagined that food could go! But weaning is a journey that you and your baby will go through together and you want to make it enjoyable – so don’t stress the mess – just be prepared with cloths and wipes at all times! 

2.       Eat, Repeat
Weaning can be a real uphill struggle but don’t give up on a food too easily. Remember that all your baby has ever tasted before is either breast milk or formula, both of which are pretty bland. By our standards a weaning food can be pretty simple but to your child the taste is so much stronger than anything they’ve ever had before. Plus the new textures will be surprising for them, and often not in a good way at first! Keep going, even if they really don’t like a food now, try it again in another week or so – you may receive a very different reception. 

3.       Roleplay Your Way
If your little one is being a little bit funny about taking food from a spoon, or they seem distracted when you are trying to feed them, try giving them a spoon of their own to role play with. Not only will this will mean they become familiar the utensil, but it also gives you a fairly free path to their mouth, making food a loss less likely to go around their face, or on the floor. That’s always a bonus isn’t it?

4.       Quit Quantities
When you are first weaning your baby try not to worry about the quantities that your little one is taking. It’s a massive learning curve for them and remember, this is a whole new experience of taste and texture for them – it’s not just about eating food off a spoon. It’s a huge new sensation in their mouth and something that they are not really used to. It can be a bit of an anxious time but believe me, the day will come when you won’t be able to stop them from eating.

5.       Navigate The Minefield 
There are so many opinions, methods and products on the market when it comes to weaning but if you want to go down the natural or organic path then you will need to know the best starter foods for baby. It’s likely to be the foods that you would mash-up to eat yourself or the fruit and veg that are softer on the palette. Try the likes of sweet potato, apple, pear, carrot and courgette pureed for taste, texture and nutrition. Courgette may seem like an odd choice but babies seem to love it mixed with a little baby rice.  Alternatively, we’ve worked hard to ensure that Kiddie Cubes is the closest to homemade baby food you can buy.  Jam-packed with delicious nutritious ingredients – all organic and nutritionally balanced in portioned sizes – our range will take out all the effort and see you through both Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the journey.
Good luck with your adventure in to the world of weaning!

Check out our Stage One Wonders: 

Eat Your Greens
Spinach, Broccoli, Courgette, Peas.
Your little one will be as strong as Popeye after eating this strengthening mix of tasty greens, rich in vitamins and minerals to help them grow
Really Rooty Veg 
Sweet Potato, Carrot, Swede. 
So full of earthy goodness. We’ve selected a mix of sweet and juicy veggies making this smooth blend, to provide your little one with all they need, from their top, right to their roots.
Apple and Pear 
This is a delicious purée full of sweet apples and yummy pears, creating a luscious, fruity mix of flavours, ideal for their first mouthfuls.

Priced at £3.49, the stage one packs, have all the benefits of freshly homemade and nutritionally balanced food with the convenience of frozen cube portions. These packs are low in natural sugars and absolutely no added sugar - so it’s as close as you can get to home-produced.   

Approved by The Organic Food Federation, there are nine products in the Kiddie Cubes range covering two stages of weaning. All products are available nationwide through Ocado and with such eye catching packaging you can’t miss them in the freezer aisle. 
For more information visit

Bump Monday | 38 weeks Pregnant |

|| 38 weeks Pregnant ||

How am I feeling?

Having an "Oh my goodness I'm having a BABY!!!" moment...
Storm Katie hit sussex last night which made a rather noisy night with me not able to sleep much.
Woke to the whole village without power so we decided to have breakfast at our local Mc Donalds. I don't even like Mc Donalds however I got hot coffee & somewhere warm to sit...
My ribs are aching & my heartburn is horrific (I've run out of ranitidine) just ordered more from the doctors but it will take three days till I can collect it. 
My ankles, feet & legs are swollen & ache horrifically if I stand for too long. 
I'm exhausted but struggling with insomnia, so not fun. 
I think I'm finally feeling a bit fed up & ready to have baby.
Finally happy with her nursery 

Baby is the size of a leek 

Chocolate lots of chocolate.....

On a positive :
I'm seeing my hospital midwife tomorrow & hoping to get an induction date if Buzz hasn't arrived by her due date...

Happy Easter - Our Easter Tree

Hope you've all had a lovely Easter. 
We spent ours with family * I also managed a uninterrupted two hour nap. It was amazing & so needed. 
Happy Easter 

Your Easter Health Guide

The Easter bank holiday can be hectic for parents as friends and family are gathered, food is prepared, and activities are organised. Everyone wants to make the most out of those extra days off. However, the holidays don’t usually come without the occasional cuts, bruises, fever or upset tummy, which we can sometimes overlook when planning our holiday adventures with the family. An easy way to ruin the fun is finding you are an hour away from home with the children and realising you need plasters, hayfever relief and sun cream.

Around Easter last year, a huge number of people were searching online for how to treat aliments and injuries, potentially as a result of Easter activities.
Google’s data shows the search trends for this time last year:
·         There were a staggering 328,720 searches in the UK relating to diarrhoea
·         There were 273,710 searches trying to find out more about hayfever and possible treatments.
·         Hayfever symptom searches doubled in April from the month before
·         There were 28,800 searches for sun burn in April; triple the number of searches when compared to March.
Bank holidays are particularly busy times for hospitals and A&E departments which can experience high levels of demand. However, in many cases the minor ailments people present with at A&E could be treated in pharmacy which would help ease the pressure on A&E departments and avoid unnecessary waiting times for patients.
LloydsPharmacy Pharmacist, Anshu Bhimbat says, “Such an increase in activity over the Easter period, naturally means we are at greater risk of accidents happening or health niggles occurring. Often in these cases, people visit A&E, without considering dropping by a local pharmacy first. In many situations, such as first aid, diarrhoea and allergies, your pharmacist will be able to help. To make the weekend as stress-free as possible, it is always recommended to have all of the products that you may need to self-help, just in case.”
Here’s Anshu’s top tips to help you prepare for the Easter break with your family

Keep all the family safe in the sun
“Whether you plan to spend the bank holiday at home or abroad, it is important to be on top of your family’s suncare needs. Ensure that you have stocked up with good quality sun protection and don’t forget to reapply every two hours. Bear in mind that you should use an amount of sun cream equivalent to at least the size of a golf ball (or six teaspoons) to cover your entire body. Think carefully when choosing your suncare and go for an option that protects from Infrared-A, as well as UV-A and UV-B.”

Despite Infrared-A making up a third of the sun’s damaging rays that penetrate deep into the skin, which can cause both short and long term damage, there are very few products that offer protection against it. LloydsPharmacy is leading the way in suncare innovation after developing the first ‘own brand’ suncare range to protect skin against Infrared-A (IR-A).

“Infrared-A is likely to be the new buzzword for suncare so it’s really exciting that LloydsPharmacy are at the forefront of the industry with this range. These are top quality performing products, being sold at affordable prices that offer the same level of protection which will come as a relief for parents who want to keep their families protected.

Solero SPF 30 and SPF 50 sun lotion or spray (200ml, £7)
For adults: Dermatologically tested and approved, the Solero range from LloydsPharmacy offers triple protection against UV-A, UV-B and Infrared-A at an affordable price.

Ultra-Sensitive SPF30 and SPF50+ lotion and spray for children (£7 for 200ml, LloydsPharmacy)
For the children: This formula is great for children with sensitive skin, and is the perfect tool for parents that feel concerned about their little ones’ reaction to other skin products but want to ensure they have UV-A and UV-B protection. Water resistant and available in SPF30 and SPF50+ as well as in pourable and spray form, the range is ideal for any occasion. There is even a miniature version for on the move (£3, 50ml), perfect to pop in the school bag for top-ups! The kids range is paediatrician approved and fragrance free.

Keep up with the kids

“Attempting to fit as much as possible into the extra days off could leave you feeling tired and a little run down. If you are making arrangements with friends or family, try splitting up tasks, such as each taking a different course to prepare, so you don’t feel overwhelmed. You could also team up with other parents to take turn taking the little ones on outings, giving yourself the chance get a bit of me-time too. To finish the weekend feeling refreshed, make sure you get enough sleep, and it can also be worth boosting energy levels and the immune system with a multivitamin.”

LloydsPharmacy Energise Effervescent (20 tablets, £3.89)
A combination of vitamins and minerals can really help to help support a busy lifestyle and LloydsPharmacy Energise Effervescent tablets contain a range of B vitamins which helps in the release of energy from the body’s food source.
Be prepared for upset tummies

“It’s easy to overindulge during Easter festivities, due to the abundance of barbeques, alcohol and Easter egg hunts. An upset stomach can quickly make things a bit miserable so it is advisable to start the weekend prepared. Ensure you prevent the spread of germs by ensuring the whole family wash their hands well with hot water and antibacterial soap when coming in from outside and before eating. It is also a good idea to stock up with rehydration sachets to help with acute diarrhoea, if needed.”

Dioralyte Blackcurrant (6 sachets, £3.79)
In case of any overindulgence or unfortunate stomach problems which may crop up over the weekend, it is a good idea to stock up with some rehydration sachets in advance. These help acute diarrhoea and are for the treatment and prevention of dehydration by replacing fluids and body salts lost through diarrhoea.

Dioralyte is suitable for adults and children over 3 months. For use in children up to 2 years of age, please seek advice from a medical practitioner.

Be on guard to help the family fight off hayfever

“For many people, hayfever can be a serious worry during springtime and nothing dampens spirits more than the discomfort and irritation that comes with it. If you or your children experience symptoms every year you will probably know what products work best, however don’t wait until symptoms occur; make sure you stock up and be prepared. If one of the family are experiencing symptoms for the first time, you can speak to your local pharmacist for advice on which treatments will be right. It’s worth considering combination therapy if you experience multiple symptoms during the allergy season.”
LloydsPharmacy Hayfever Relief Nasal Spray (200 dose, £7.29)

For adults: Try this, from LloydsPharmacy which is for the treatment and prevention of allergic rhinitis, including hayfever.

Benadryl for Children Allergy Solution 70ml (£2.24)
For the children: Benadryl for children allergy Solution offers relief from the symptoms of hay fever in children aged 6 years and over and adults.
It also relieves year-round allergic rhinitis (pet, dust and mould allergies) e.g. watery eyes, sneezing and runny nose and urticaria (hives and itchy skin rashes).
Patch things up

“A first aid kit is essential in any house, but it is particularly important when preparing for increased play and outdoor activity. Not only should it be readily available, but also well stocked.”

LloydsPharmacy First Aid Kit (£12.79)

In preparation for any nasty falls or bumps, it is always worth having a good quality, comprehensive first aid kit on hand, either in the car for day trips, or tucked away at home for when it is needed. This one from Lloyds, includes:
-       Plasters for cuts and scratches and bruises
-       A sling to support arm injuries
This kit also comes with a useful advice leaflet including basic first aid information. 

If family time is looking like a bumpy ride

“If you have a long car journey as part of your weekend plans, thinking ahead is key. The Government recommend taking a 15-minute break evert two hours, to avoid fatigue[i], as well as a good night’s sleep. Motion sickness could also be really disruptive to your journey. It is thought that motion sickness occurs when there is a disparity between what we see and what the inner ears sense[ii]. To treat motion sickness, it can help to focus on the horizon, or simply create a distraction with music or an audiotape for the children. For a little extra help, try a motion sickness band or tablets.”

LloydsPharmacy Travel Sickness Tablets

For adults:  For a little extra help with sudden onsets of travel sickness, it’s worth keeping a packet of travel sickness tablets in the car. These help in the prevention and relief of travel sickness, general nausea and vertigo.

Sea-Band Child Travel Motion Sickness Band (£8.49)

For the children: Sea- Band is a wristband that relieves all kinds of nausea and vomiting. Whether caused by travel, pregnancy, anaesthesia or chemotherapy, this knitted, elasticated wristband works by acupressure. It has a plastic stud that applies pressure on the Nei Kuan acupressure point on the wrist. The Sea-Band does not cause any side effects and is suitable for children. You can wash the Sea-Band up to 5 times in a mild detergent in warm water without affecting its elasticity

Happy Easter Animal Eggs

Easter is just around the corner. 
I can't wait to have our smalls on Easter holidays. 

E, H & I decorated these Beautiful eggs.

The  Rabbit is made from a Duck egg.

This is our Bear made from our chicken's egg. 

E colouring in the Frog :)

 Hope you all have a fantastic Easter & get lots of chocolate ...

iCandy are crowned with Gold at the Prima Baby and Pregnancy Awards 2016

iCandy are crowned with Gold at the Prima Baby and Pregnancy Awards 2016
iCandy Peach Blossom and Strawberry pushchairs impress the panel
(Biggleswade, UK) – 18th March 2016 

iCandy are delighted to reveal that they have recently secured two victories at the latest Prima Baby and Pregnancy Awards with two of their iconic double and single models. iCandy claimed the highest accolade in each of the best categories of ‘Best first pushchair’ and ‘Best double buggy’.
The Prima Baby and Pregnancy Awards panel were suitably impressed by iCandy’s entries, noting that the Strawberry is a “clever pushchair at a good price” whilst purring that the Peach was a “very stylish buggy.” 
iCandy are delighted that the Peach once more underlined its position as the leading luxury pushchair brand. Since 1933 iCandy’s precision manufacturing journey has led them to crafting the definitive pushchair, creating the world’s first single to double travel system with a single footprint. The new iCandy Peach represents the best of British design and quality engineering that is built to last. With a class leading 25kg weight limit, a unique one-touch buckle and on trend colourways, the Peach remains a cut above the rest.   With its one-hand-fold and trendy colourways, it is often the choice for various A-list celebrities. The Peach collection can grow with your family, converting from a single to a double, accommodating two siblings or twins in just a couple of clicks. As a double pushchair with a single footprint the iCandy Peach Blossom provides total ease of use when in double mode, so going up kerbs and fitting through single doors is never a problem. With such unique features it was no surprise that the iCandy Peach was crowned ‘Best Double Buggy’ by the leading nursery title.
Another pushchair to impress the expert panel was the iCandy Strawberry, winning Gold for the ‘Best first pushchair.’ The Strawberry is suitable for a newborn or toddler, the multifunctional system offers a variety of exciting features. Continuously looking for ways to innovate, the pioneering designers at iCandy have created a state-of-the-art seat frame that can be used for both the seat unit and carrycot, by simply popping-in and out the carrycot and seat unit fabrics when required. Suitable from birth and for overnight sleeping, the lie-flat carrycot is positioned higher and closer to the parent to promote interaction in the early months. The award-winning Strawberry continues to offer unique iCandy features such as MemoryTM auto alignment, which remembers the recline position, even after it has been folded the pushchair will automatically open in the same position. Multifunctional with user-friendly handling, the unique one-hand Step & Stand FoldTM system provides swift collapsing with one hand. Once compactly folded, the versatile Strawberry is freestanding to carry and store in the tightest of spaces. The Strawberry is well suited towards parents who want maximum functionality, and a seamless pushchair experience. In recognition of the innovative Strawberry, the award of best first pushchair reinforces its status as the ultimate bundle package for parents.
We are delighted to claim such notable recognition from the Prima Baby awards panel. We are passionate about allowing parents to express their style, without having to sacrifice the crucial functionality which is required as a parent. Each iCandy product is carefully crafted by our team of exceptionally talented British designers. We are delighted to be recognised for our efforts, and look forward to delivering further innovation in the nursery industry.”- Bradley Appel, Joint CEO at iCandy World. 

Please note that these results are embargoed until the 18th March 2016.

Bump Monday | 37 weeks Pregnant |

|| 37 weeks Pregnant ||

How am I feeling?

Excited that now the end is in sight... though this has been the nicest of all three of my pregnancies it's still been tough. Stressful up until 20 weeks to see if we had a happy healthy baby, stressful with reduced movements & I've got to admit I have had issues with lack of sleep. 
My SPD is quite bad at night time though I can't really complain during the day. I can still take the dogs out & walk well. That's a huge bonus. 
Bless H yesterday morning I had a mid morning nap (making the most of having Mr.H home...) 
I really struggle to walk once I get out of bed & H said "Mummy shall I get you a walking stick to help?" awwwwwwww love him...
Braxton Hick's are getting stronger & more frequent. 
My poor legs can't stand for too long without majorly hurting....

Coco loves bump she's always cuddling up to it in bed or on the sofa...

Baby is the size of a stalk of swiss chard 

Chocolate lots of chocolate.....

Got the cot up!! YAY!. We actually had to buy a new one after I kept E's cot pristine in storage we annoyingly couldn't find any of the bolts.... I love the Grey & Yellow theme though....

Bouncer is also up ready & waiting...

Just 21 days to go till D-Day!!!!! 

On a positive :
I'm full term!! Baby can arrive any time now, also I had my hair done at the end of last week so I'm feeling much happier after being pampered.


Baby and Toddler Show 2 tickets to Giveaway + Ticket discount!!

Win 2 tickets to The Baby and Toddler Show Sundown Park

The spring show at Sandown Park, Surrey will be taking place from 15-17th April. The show attracts some of the biggest names in the baby and toddler industry, who will be showcasing their latest products at great prices and offering you the opportunity to try them for yourself. In addition to the big name brands there will be many unique products from independent companies you won’t find on the high street. We will also have a selection of experts speaking at our Expert Advice Workshops who will be available to answer any questions you may have.

For more information about the shows and to see who will be exhibiting, please feel free to visit our website

I have teamed up with them at the baby & Toddler show to bring you a 
chance to win 2 tickets to 
The Baby and Toddler Show in Sandown park...- 
I've now been to the show a few times & have loved every minute of it. 
This was one of our days at The Baby Show

All you need to do is just enter below. Good luck! 

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