10 tools every DIY’er should have in their toolkit

Even a new DIY’er needs a good, full set of tools for some of those everyday jobs.
The ContiBoard team asked friends and family which tools they like to keep to hand and couldn’t live without. So, in the family fortunes quiz show “Our survey said…” style, we have listed the tools starting with the most popular:

1. Hammer (and/or Mallet) - The trusty hammer was mentioned the most. Hammers are perfect for knocking things back into shape – be it putting up a picture, hammering a rogue nail into a floorboard – whether high or low – a hammer is the handiest of tools. Mallets come in useful when knocking panels together, as their rubber heads won’t leave any marks.

2. Screwdriver – It was interesting to note that people suggested making sure that they had a few different sizes available because screw head sizes vary. Alternatively, using a magnetic screwdriver allows you to interchange the bits to suit your DIY needs.

3. Screws/Nails – Again, of different sizes - because these are dependent on the sort of project you’re working on, from hanging a picture or fixing a nail into a wood panel.

4. Cordless electric drill driver – Two things to note here; the words cordless and electric. Cordless is good so you can move around easily without needing to be within close range of a plug socket. And electric because, let’s face it – why would you spend half a day struggling to screw something in – when a drill driver can do it for you at the touch of a button?

5. Pencil – Now we understand why top builders and DIY’ers have a trusty pencil behind their ear. Used to draw out a guide, target a point on a wall – the pencil came up time and time again.

6. Stainless steel spatula/scraper – A nifty little tool that you will find useful for all sorts of household projects; whether it’s decorating, painting, cleaning or DIY, a spatula or scraper is great for mixing things and scraping things off rough surfaces.

7. Duct tape – Of all the tape around this one is by far one of the most durable and consistent – although it’s not advised to be used in place of nails!

8. Measuring tape – Out of the whole list, everyone here at the ContiBoard office agreed that this one was the handiest. Not just for DIY, a tape measure can come in handy for all sorts basic measuring tasks around the home.

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