34 weeks Midwife appointment - Reduced baby movements...

This week has been hard, I went off to my 34 week midwife appointment a little worried, worried as we were going to talk & discuss my birthing plan, worried that my ankles were swollen & worried about babies reduced & changed movements. 
I see a lovely midwife in my Hospital, we sat down & I told her about my worries & as soon as I mentioned baby had reduced movement, my lovely midwife moved me onto the ward & off we go to make sure baby is OK. 
My midwife did tell me off that I hadn't gone sooner & she couldn't stress enough that any change in movement or reduced movements to go straight to hospital. 

I spent a couple of hours on the ward & its so emotionally draining making sure baby is ok. 

After a while she started fidgeting again & her heart rate is ok. 
I'm only 34 weeks she's not ready to be born yet so she needs to stop being a pickle. 
Though I did find out this is the year of the Monkey... of course. 

Whilst I stayed stuck on the bed, the midwife done my bloods & we discussed what I wished to happen in my birth plan.
I felt like saying No.1 - To have baby. No.2 - The end. 

Don't ever wait to get baby checked remember if you're worried just call your local hospital. You'll never be wasting anyones time. 

I've got a scan to see baby tomorrow with my consultant I'm not 100% sure why I think they just want to make sure she's happy & to double check her feet (As H has talipes) 
I just can't shift this feeling, I know a lot of parents to be get excited over scans I just get anxious & worried, worried that there is something wrong. I'm such a worrier. 
Also in the morning we have H's physio appointment *Luckily in the same hospital thank goodness. 
but non the less I'm also very anxious about his appointment just in case he needs his tendon operation. 

I'll be sure to update you after tomorrow. 

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