34 weeks reassurance scan

Scan picture from 20 weeks due to babies head being too low down to get any sort of picture of her.
So yesterday I had my 34 weeks scan, after Buzz's reduced movement during the past week I had been super anxious about the scan. 
We had a crazy day as H had his physio appointment too *I'll update you on that in a moment. 
We had H's appointment first thing at 10am then went to lunch till 1:40 we had to return to hospital for our scan, It was with my consultant who is absolutely lovely. So glad I have some amazing health professionals around me. It was hard work having H with us but fortunately Mr.H had been able to take the day off so I had parent back up. 
H was very well behaved to be fair on him, It was a long day & we had to wait about 40 minutes to be seen.

Once we were called into the room & was immediately put to ease by the consultant. 
she commented on just how neat my bump was & how I carry so nicely. 
Then started scanning....
Baby is measuring perfectly & weighs around 5lbs10 which again is perfectly normal. 
Her head is really low down & she's in the perfect 'lets be born position' 
Her feet looked beautiful but again she couldn't stress enough that she can't be 100% sure baby doesn't have Talipes till she is born. 
She is happy & healthy...

She also showed us that Baby is most definitely a GIRL. H had a little giggle being shown her bottom on the screen. It was lovely having H with us actually, a shame E couldn't be there too. 
I can totally relax now. 
Also she has been moving so much more again. Yay. 

For celebrating babies health I bought her (myself) this cute Donna Wilson bear toy for her maxi cosi car seat. It's from Mammas & Pappas if you wanted to have a peek. 

I then spent last night peeing way too much & stayed awake from 11pm-4:30am.... Mega yawns today. 

My next appointment isn't until 37 weeks now to see my local midwife. 
It's getting so close & real now. 

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