Bump Monday | 35 weeks Pregnant |

|| 35 weeks Pregnant ||

How am I feeling?
Yesterday we celebrated Mother's day. It was a beautiful day spent with my Mother Inlaw (second Mum) we got all her children & grandchildren together and took her out for lunch. It was wonderful. 
Once we got home late that afternoon we then spent the evening with my Mum & family so a day well spent. Today though I'm exhausted I actually feel like I could sleep for a week... though sleep isn't easy at the moment with needing to pee every time I get back into bed & then baby waking up *she's pushing super low down so making me quite uncomfortable. 
But apart from feeling tired I'm feeling good Bump isn't too uncomfortable & my SPD is under control. This has to be the best pregnancy I've had. Bump is definitely smaller than it was with H not sure if that makes a huge difference to my SPD or maybe because I was fitter & healthier than I was when pregnant with H... but it's nice to not hate being pregnant. It's lovely to enjoy & embrace bump. Though not many clothes are fitting me now *Even maternity clothes* 

I had an evening out with the girls for the last time till bump makes her debut. 
It was lovely but once it hit 10pm I was super ready to go home to bed.

Baby is as heavy as a honeydew melon 

Still wanting healthy food. 

Just 35 days to go till D-Day!!!!! 

On a positive :
The cot & things WILL be going up at the weekend. I Promise. ;)  
Also we bought a 7 seater car at the weekend. See I am being prepared.... Ha. 

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