Bump Monday | 36 weeks Pregnant |

|| 36 weeks Pregnant ||

How am I feeling?
OK. Though exhausted maybe isn't the word... After the surprise baby shower *You can see the blog post here... I haven't slept well & today I'm sure my morning sickness is showing signs of recurring. Oh the joys. I had my hospital phone me this morning asking If my doctors had contacted me due to very low levels of iron... That would most definitely explain my exhaustion. I picked up my prescription from the doctors earlier & hopefully it will help. 
I'm not feeling too uncomfortable luckily amazing considering I don't have long to go now. Baby does keep pushing low down that isn't the comfiest though I must admit. 
Got to be the best pregnancy I've had. 

Baby shower presents in the corner. 

Baby is the size of romaine lettuce 

The crib is up *YAY!


Just 28 days to go till D-Day!!!!! 

On a positive :
Next week I will be classed as fully full term. 

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