Bump Monday | 38 weeks Pregnant |

|| 38 weeks Pregnant ||

How am I feeling?

Having an "Oh my goodness I'm having a BABY!!!" moment...
Storm Katie hit sussex last night which made a rather noisy night with me not able to sleep much.
Woke to the whole village without power so we decided to have breakfast at our local Mc Donalds. I don't even like Mc Donalds however I got hot coffee & somewhere warm to sit...
My ribs are aching & my heartburn is horrific (I've run out of ranitidine) just ordered more from the doctors but it will take three days till I can collect it. 
My ankles, feet & legs are swollen & ache horrifically if I stand for too long. 
I'm exhausted but struggling with insomnia, so not fun. 
I think I'm finally feeling a bit fed up & ready to have baby.
Finally happy with her nursery 

Baby is the size of a leek 

Chocolate lots of chocolate.....

On a positive :
I'm seeing my hospital midwife tomorrow & hoping to get an induction date if Buzz hasn't arrived by her due date...

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