H's Physio appointment Talipes

It's that time again when H has his foot appointment; I'm not going to lie I was worried about this appointment. 
He had a few weeks boots free due to them breaking & then it took ages to get him back into the swing of wearing them again... 
Luckily Mr.H managed to come with us. 
We arrived 15 minutes early & the physio's were busy casting a new baby, it brought back so many memories. 
Once we were ready to be seen; H had his feet looked at & it's quite apparent that his left foot is still being controlled by the talipes muscle that brings the foot inwards. So annoying.
We've ALWAYS had a problem with his left foot. Considering he was born with bilateral talipes & they both scored a 6 his right foot is looking really good. The ADM's are working for him. Even if he was still in boots and bar his left foot would still be the same, his ADM boots are fantastic. 
We will be going back in 3 months but have been given exercises to do with him. 

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