The Wonderful World of Weaning! Kiddie Cubes Guides Parents With Top Tips and Advice

The weaning process can be a minefield – so much information, advice, opinion and options out there, but how do you know what’s best for you and your baby?  Help is at hand from the experts at organic baby food range Kiddie Cubes.  Founder, Nutritional Therapist and mum-of-three, Issy Langly-Smith gives her top five tips to make your life easier when introducing your little one to the wonderful world of solid foods.

1.       Don’t Stress The Mess!
Having a child means your home and especially your kitchen is not going to remain pristine. It’s hard to accept if you’re a bit of a neat freak at heart - believe me, I know! And this is never more so than when you are weaning. Food will be flicked, thrown and squished and it’ll end up in places that you have never imagined that food could go! But weaning is a journey that you and your baby will go through together and you want to make it enjoyable – so don’t stress the mess – just be prepared with cloths and wipes at all times! 

2.       Eat, Repeat
Weaning can be a real uphill struggle but don’t give up on a food too easily. Remember that all your baby has ever tasted before is either breast milk or formula, both of which are pretty bland. By our standards a weaning food can be pretty simple but to your child the taste is so much stronger than anything they’ve ever had before. Plus the new textures will be surprising for them, and often not in a good way at first! Keep going, even if they really don’t like a food now, try it again in another week or so – you may receive a very different reception. 

3.       Roleplay Your Way
If your little one is being a little bit funny about taking food from a spoon, or they seem distracted when you are trying to feed them, try giving them a spoon of their own to role play with. Not only will this will mean they become familiar the utensil, but it also gives you a fairly free path to their mouth, making food a loss less likely to go around their face, or on the floor. That’s always a bonus isn’t it?

4.       Quit Quantities
When you are first weaning your baby try not to worry about the quantities that your little one is taking. It’s a massive learning curve for them and remember, this is a whole new experience of taste and texture for them – it’s not just about eating food off a spoon. It’s a huge new sensation in their mouth and something that they are not really used to. It can be a bit of an anxious time but believe me, the day will come when you won’t be able to stop them from eating.

5.       Navigate The Minefield 
There are so many opinions, methods and products on the market when it comes to weaning but if you want to go down the natural or organic path then you will need to know the best starter foods for baby. It’s likely to be the foods that you would mash-up to eat yourself or the fruit and veg that are softer on the palette. Try the likes of sweet potato, apple, pear, carrot and courgette pureed for taste, texture and nutrition. Courgette may seem like an odd choice but babies seem to love it mixed with a little baby rice.  Alternatively, we’ve worked hard to ensure that Kiddie Cubes is the closest to homemade baby food you can buy.  Jam-packed with delicious nutritious ingredients – all organic and nutritionally balanced in portioned sizes – our range will take out all the effort and see you through both Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the journey.
Good luck with your adventure in to the world of weaning!

Check out our Stage One Wonders: 

Eat Your Greens
Spinach, Broccoli, Courgette, Peas.
Your little one will be as strong as Popeye after eating this strengthening mix of tasty greens, rich in vitamins and minerals to help them grow
Really Rooty Veg 
Sweet Potato, Carrot, Swede. 
So full of earthy goodness. We’ve selected a mix of sweet and juicy veggies making this smooth blend, to provide your little one with all they need, from their top, right to their roots.
Apple and Pear 
This is a delicious purée full of sweet apples and yummy pears, creating a luscious, fruity mix of flavours, ideal for their first mouthfuls.

Priced at £3.49, the stage one packs, have all the benefits of freshly homemade and nutritionally balanced food with the convenience of frozen cube portions. These packs are low in natural sugars and absolutely no added sugar - so it’s as close as you can get to home-produced.   

Approved by The Organic Food Federation, there are nine products in the Kiddie Cubes range covering two stages of weaning. All products are available nationwide through Ocado and with such eye catching packaging you can’t miss them in the freezer aisle. 
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