Bump Monday | 39 weeks Pregnant |

|| 39 weeks Pregnant ||

How am I feeling?

We've had a strange weekend, with my two older smalls going away with my parents to see family in Norfolk. This meant Mr.H & I got some us time we obviously took huge advantage of this & visited cute coffee shops & local quant villages. This was the first time since being pregnant that SO MANY people commented on the size of Bump & looked shocked that I was out & about doing things with comments like "You're brave...." & "You look fit enough to pop...." I haven't had any comments till this Saturday & then the comments just wouldn't stop.
I'm hoping it's a good sign meaning that she'll arrive soon. I am feeling huge & uncomfortable now.
Heartburn & lack of sleep is so tiresome now. I'm so ready to meet the little lady.

Baby is the size of a mini watermelon.

Pitta bread & Houmus again ... Yum!

Her Buggy arrived!! We went for the black chassis grey melange Bugaboo Buffalo. 
I love it. 

On a positive :
On my last week of Pregnancy (Well of course unless I go Over due)
7 DAYS to go!!

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