Bump Monday | 40 weeks Pregnant |

Happy Due Date to me.... 
|| 40 weeks Pregnant ||

How am I feeling?

Hmmm... how should I start? After all I can explain to an extremely disappointing midwife appointment Thursday morning being told I can't have a sweep until 41 weeks! I was feeling deflated & hormonal I suppose. Especially as I was feeling baby very low down & strange pains but I just carried on with my day & Friday morning we went to the local park with one of my best friends & her children... walking around I was experiencing the weirdest pains almost breath taking. 
I got home & had lunch bounced on my birthing ball & suddenly started having regular contractions we waiting a few hours & I had a hot bath. Phoned the hospital & due to baby misbehaving again with reduced movements I was asked to go straight in & be monitored. 

My contractions were coming thick & fast & very uncomfortable. 
Babies heartbeat was quite erratic & going from 110bpm up to 160bpm....
So pretty scary. Once I got to the delivery suit everything calmed down.... Ugh. 
SO annoying. I was told to get some rest & then see how it goes. Around 4am on Saturday things got going again OUCH I was given gas & Air & had an internal to be told I was still 2cm... 3cm dilated at a stretch. That they'd try to break my waters at 11am. 
I was so relieved my last two labours didn't get going properly until they broke my waters. 
Unfortunately the Midwives changed shifts & the new midwife on decided it was best for me to go home and rest & said I'd probably be back in a few hours after a good nights sleep. 
Gutted doesn't cut it however I was exhausted & I knew having a baby right now wouldn't be good for either of us. 

So here I am 40 weeks pregnant with a bump to be proud of but no baby as of yet.
Sunday I spent the day resting with contractions coming every 7 minutes or so....
Today Monday & contractions still coming... back ache is awful so I'm hoping things pick up again soon. 
Baby is the size of a small pumpkin.

Pitta bread & Houmus again ... Yum!

On a positive :
It's my DUE DATE! Baby will be here soon :) 

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