National Stationary Week 2016 - Maped DUO Graph'peps *Review*

National Stationary Week 2016 - Maped DUO Graph'peps *Review* 

With National stationary right around the corner - 25th April - 1st May

National Stationary week is coming up & I'm reviewing these fabulous pens.
I'm probably in the minority these days as we own iPads, iPhones & a mac book however I still use a pen & paper most days. I own a diary & simply love the 'realness' of writing. 
I panic that I'll put a note in my phone & shortly forget it. Or forget where the note is in my phone....
My life is hectic. So crazy that I need a real diary to write everything down at short notice. It probably makes no sense to you if you use your smart phone for everything. I know a lot of people  do. 
I just can't get my head around it, I suppose I'm still quite old fashioned. 
Nothing beats a pen & paper.... in my eyes.

Lets talk about the pens - 5 pens but 10 colours. 
Fine point pens too, perfect for my diary or for doodling. Little E loves writing stories & drawing pictures. 

These are perfect for adults & children... 
especially with all the adult colouring books & fine details.

Lets get Britain writing again!

*Disclaimer - I was sent the pens for review however all opinions & thoughts are my own

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